Dragon Ball Super Episode 32 Review; Tournament Set To Begin

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 32 has just aired today and it’s one that you don’t want to miss. You will meet a lot of new characters and there is a ton of humorous moments as well. It might possibly be the best episode of the entire series.

It’s worth mentioning there is a new intro to Dragon Ball Super this week as we see all of the characters from Champa’s team. It’s the same cool theme song, but we just see some of the new characters that will be in all of the upcoming episodes.

The episode starts at Kami’s lookout as Goku and Vegeta are training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Both of them are training really hard for three years inside the chamber (3 days in normal time). We also see Dende and Popo having some fun by playing some tennis.

The next scene shows Whis gathering up all of the spectators that will see the tournament. Pretty much the whole gang is there apart from Gohan. We know why he is absent because he’s supposed to be attending a special conference. I do like the lightheartedness of this scene as it really shows how fun Dragon Ball Super is. I do like the seriousness of Dragon Ball Z (specifically the Android Saga), but to me Super offers more comedy and fun episodes.

Before they go, Jaco arrives and introduces Bulma to the Galactic King. Bulma funnily thinks at first that Jaco is introducing her to his new girlfriend. Actually, the Galactic King oversees the whole Milky Way. His design is odd as he’s just a green octopus with a crown on his head…


Goku and Vegeta use Instant Transmission to see the others and they have beards now and it’s a hilarious sight. Dragon Ball Abridged fans will remember that Saiyan’s hair does not grow, except for beards and moustaches. Yes, facial hair still grows over time unless they shave it off. Goku and Vegeta felt lazy so they let their beards grow. The pair are also too lazy to even take a bath or shower as Bulma and the others can smell their bad odor polluting the air.

With everyone on board, Whis travels to Beerus’ planet where they can meet Monaka who is the team captain for Universe 7. The first thing that Goku does when he sees him is punch him in the face. It appears that he’s crying and hurt, but it looks like he’s hiding his true power. Monaka also has protruding nipples like George Clooney’s Batman suit. He may look like a joke, but his appearance might fool everyone. Beerus tells Goku off for punching Monaka out of the blue. Even Piccolo and Vegeta think that Goku was dumb to punch their own team captain.

After picking up Monaka and Beerus, the whole Universe 7 gang travel to the Nameless Planet with all the Super Dragon Balls surrounding it. Everyone is in awe of how big and beautiful they are. The only character that I noticed that kept a straight face on was Android 18.

When they arrive on the Nameless Planet, we see that the Supreme Kai and Kibito are no longer fused. They are back to being separate beings again. They explain to Goku that they found the Namekian Dragon Balls to undo their Potara earring fusion. The main reason they wanted to do his is because they felt weird being together.
We also see the Universe 6 Kais in this scene and they look similar but they are all green instead.

The most exciting part of the episode is seeing the fighters from Champa’s team for the very first time. They are: Hit (purple guy), Cabba (Saiyan), Frost (Frieza lookalike), Botamo (fat guy), and Magetta (robot).


Cabba goes over to greet himself as he’s a Saiyan. Vegeta is oblivious and wonders why his planet wasn’t destroyed by Frieza. Cabba is from Universe 6 and he tells Vegeta that he has never heard of Frieza before. He lives on the planet Salad and Saiyans are peaceful beings unlike the power hungry warriors they were in Universe 7 before they were mostly wiped out.

The next part of the episode is very funny because all of the competitors are supposed to fill out a written test. The rest of the characters seem fine with this, but Vegeta and Goku are nervous about it. Majin Buu on the other hand fell asleep during this part so it looks like he’s not a part of the tournament. Beerus is very angry that he’s already down one member…

The tournament schedule is officially up and we see that Buu’s face is not there. This confirms he has been disqualified and won’t be a part of the tournament sadly. This is unfortunate as Buu is one of the strongest beings in Universe 7. Anyway, we know the first match is Goku vs Botamo and then the episode ends.

Overall, episode 32 for Dragon Ball Super is highly entertaining and is worth checking out. It is an important episode as you may not know what’s going on if you miss it. Come back next week as we review episode 33 as the fight between Goku and Botamo actually begins.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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