Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 Review: Magetta Heats Up Vegeta

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 36 starts off where we left off last week. Vegeta is still in the middle of a tough battle with the big metal being named Magetta. Can Vegeta win for Universe 7?

Let me start off by saying that episode 36 is action-packed and does not procrastinate by giving us too many story details. The main part of the episode is fully focused on just the Vegeta vs Magetta fight.

At the end of Dragon Ball Super episode 35, it looked like Vegeta was getting tired as sweat could be seen dripping all over this face. In episode 36, we know it’s not fatigue that is dragging down Vegeta, because it’s actually heat from the lava that Magetta produces inside his own body.

Since Vados narrowed down the fighting arena, the cubicle traps all of the heat and it becomes really hot and steamy. At the start of the episode, you can tell the other fighters are concerned as this heat could be a really big problem for Vegeta the longer this fight continues. Even the referee/announcer is struggling to breathe inside the cube.

The cube becomes a huge problem for Vegeta because the new rule does not allow fighters to touch the perimeter in any way shape or form. When Magetta busts out his lava attacks, Vegeta has to frantically avoid getting blown away too far. There were several times that Vegeta nearly had a “ring out” which added a lot of drama and tension to this week’s episode.

It’s interesting to note that even though Vegeta looks like he’s physically struggling during this match, he is still just in his base Super Saiyan form. For some reason, he doesn’t transform to Super Saiyan 2 or Super Saiyan Blue.


Fans will love the throwback in this episode as Vegeta busts out the Galick Gun attack. We haven’t seen him do this move in a long time. Even though Vegeta uses the Galick Gun, it’s still no match to Magetta’s powerful lava. A pivotal moment in the episode is when Vegeta is caught off guard and Magetta clubs him with a bat pushing him out of the ring.

Vegeta is actually outside of the ring, but he’s not eliminated. This is because only a small little rock on the floor saves him from getting truly eliminated. It’s quite clever how the Dragon Ball Super writers came up with this scenario.

Vegeta is quite angry at this point and it looks like he wants to finally end the fight once and for all. He powers up so hard that Vados’ cube can no longer sustain itself so it breaks. The glass shards nearly hits the spectators, but Whis thankfully protects the earthlings from getting killed.

Since the Galick Gun didn’t work, Vegeta goes for the Final Flash attack instead. Vegeta puts all of his energy into this attack and the power is no match for Magetta. The blast causes Magetta to get dizzy and Vegeta punches him out of the ring. Vegeta is declared the winner! The next opponent from Universe 6 will be Cabba. This match will commence next week in episode 37.

Episode 36 of Dragon Ball Super didn’t disappoint. It’s worth watching for Vegeta fans as he does a lot of cool stuff in this episode and proves why he’s a formidable fighter. The animation was great too as the lava and laser blast effects really stood out this week.

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