Dragon Ball Super Episode 37 Review: Vegeta vs Cabba

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 37 aired this week and it’s another strong outing. It’s Saiyan vs Saiyan as Vegeta takes on Universe 6’s Cabba in a battle that doesn’t disappoint.

The first few minutes of this Dragon Ball Super episode is interesting because Whis and Vados are repairing the the ring and they are making it bigger than it was before. They want less fights to finish with a cheap ring out.

When Vegeta and Cabba step up, many of the Universe 7 people are interested to see what Cabba is capable of. Piccolo even asks Goku if he feels Cabba can turn into a Super Saiyan. Goku however doesn’t really care about Cabba as he’s focused on Hit instead.

The two first fight in only their base forms and Vegeta is cocky at the start. Cabba’s first few punches misses Vegeta, but his speed increases and Cabba is able to uppercut Vegeta in the gut. It appears Vegeta underestimated Cabba’s abilities.

Vegeta seems to be fired up after getting hit in the gut and starts to punish Cabba because of it. Cabba then reveals that he can do the Galick Gun attack. It appears the Galick Gun is a technique that every Saiyan is taught. Vegeta fires off his own Galick Gun and the beams collide with one another. This is a great homage to the epic laser battles that occurred in Dragon Ball Z.


Vegeta wants to know if Cabba can turn into a Super Saiyan. Cabba says he doesn’t know what a Super Saiyan is and wants Vegeta to show him. This annoys Vegeta a bit as he feels Cabba is weak. Vegeta pummels Cabba hard that even the likes of Bulma feel that Vegeta is being too harsh. I for one like this attitude as it reminds me of the old villainous Vegeta.

Vegeta actually threatens to destroy Planet Salad from Universe 6 (Cabba’s home) if Cabba doesn’t try hard enough. Cabba gets really angry and then he glows yellow like Vegeta. Cabba can turn into a Super Saiyan after all. This scene reminds me of how Goku was teasing Uub back in Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta sees the potential in Cabba and purposely wanted to agitate him so that he can become a Super Saiyan.

Vegeta seems surprised by how powerful Cabba has become as he has to frantically block all of his punches. Cabba gets the upper hand in the fight and shoots out thousands of ki blasts at Vegeta. Cabba’s burst of energy is not too dissimilar to how Gohan exploded with rage when he was a kid.

Just as you think Cabba is about to punch Vegeta’s lights out, Cabba’s energy dissipates. Since this is the first time that he turned into a Super Saiyan, he couldn’t sustain the form for that long. Vegeta gives Cabba a lecture again to remind him to remember the rage that’s inside his body so that he can transform again.

Vegeta ups the ante by transforming into the Super Saiyan Blue form. He actually calls it Super Saiyan Blue so this means Akira Toriyama is no longer calling it Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. The blue form was enough to even get Hit from Universe 6 excited.


Vegeta ends the fight rather easily by punching Cabba in the gut and this knocks him out. Obviously he didn’t use his full power or else Cabba would have been killed. It’s just weird that Vegeta and Goku chose not to be in their Blue forms from the start. They would have beaten the other fighters in one second without breaking a sweat. , Anyway Vegeta is then declared the winner!

The chemistry between Cabba and Vegeta is further emphasized at the end of this Dragon Ball Super episode. Vegeta says he’d love to visit Planet Salad in Universe 6 one day to meet all of the other Saiyans. After all, Saiyans are near to extinct in Universe 7, but they are all pretty much all alive in Universe 6.

All in all, episode 37 of Dragon Ball Super was excellent. The animation was consistent throughout and it was nice to see the teacher/student relationship between Vegeta and Cabba. It would be nice if future episodes show Vegeta and the rest of the gang exploring Universe 6. It could lead to a lot of great and new adventures.

Episode 38 will feature the start of Vegeta vs Hit. Champa seems confident that Hit will win. We will have to find out who wins next week. Join us next Sunday as we will review episode 38 in full. This week also featured a new ending theme song so look out for that as well.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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