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Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 Review: Hit vs Vegeta And Monaka Exposed

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 38 was on this week and a lot of stuff happened. Not only does it include the fight between Vegeta vs Hit, but it also revealed the true strength of the mysterious Monaka.

Vegeta is looking to be the best fighter of the tournament so far. He’s taken out Frost, Magetta and Cabba but now he faces his toughest opponent yet. Universe 6’s Hit walks to the ring and he is no pushover.

At the start of this episode, Whis explains how powerful Hit really is. The man has never failed a job in his life which means he’s been able to take out everyone he’s encountered so far. This will prove to be a big problem for Vegeta.

Since Hit is so powerful, Vegeta doesn’t take him very lightly. He immediately changes to the Super Saiyan Blue form and the fight is on. A small funny note is that Monaka gets scared for some reason when Vegeta transforms. We’ll talk about Monaka a little later in this review…

They have a staredown with one another that lasts a bit too long for my taste. Dragon Ball Super has been going at a fast pace so it was interesting that this staredown lasted so long. Nevertheless, Vegeta goes for the first strike and misses.


The thing that makes Hit so cool is just how calm and collected he is. His speed is unmatched and he hits Vegeta in the throat like it was nothing. He tells Vegeta that he should surrender, but Vegeta is not one to quit so easily.

Hit attacks Vegeta’s vital points so each of his strikes is hurting Vegeta a lot. His attacks are so precise that Vegeta is unable to defend himself. We’ve never seen a fighter like this before in Dragon Ball which is cool to see. Even when Vegeta goes for a ki blast, Hit punches him to prevent him from even trying it.

Goku and Piccolo are a little worried because they cannot see Hit’s attacks. Hit is moving so fast as they have never seen someone fight like this ever. Vegeta is pretty much tired and sweaty at this point. Not to mention he’s spitting out blood too. Hit ends this fight by punching him in the gut. Hit is declared the winner!

Jaco says Hit disappears just before attacking which is why it was so hard for Vegeta to see where he was striking. It’s a technique where he can skip time for a short period. The next fight is Goku vs Hit. Whis knows how to beat Hit but he’s not going to tell Goku. As part of Goku’s training, Whis wants Goku to find out how to beat Hit for himself.

The most shocking revelation in this Dragon Ball Super episode is that we now know how strong Monaka really is. Well, it was revealed that Monaka is not very strong at all! Whis and Beerus lied to Vegeta and Goku about Monaka in order to motivate them to get stronger. Monaka is not a strong god like he was hyped up to be. Where also learn that Hit is over 1000 years old which is very interesting. He’s much older than most of the other fighters in the tournament.


Unlike Vegeta, Goku doesn’t want to transform into Super Saiyan Blue just yet. He first wants to know how to block Hit’s attacks as this is something that Vegeta was unable to do. At the start of the fight, Goku gets hit easily while Hit stands in just one position striking him at every opportunity. It’s looking like a one-sided fight again.

However at the end of this Dragon Ball Super episode, Goku manages to block one of Hit’s punches and hits him in the face with a backhand. This makes both Beerus and Champa very shocked. It looks as if Goku has found the secret to beating Hit.

I had mixed feelings over this week’s episode. The action was decent, but it did feel a bit predictable. Vegeta fans might dislike this episode more than others as he’s portrayed as inferior to Goku again. I was more disappointed that Monaka is just a fraud and not as powerful as Beerus and Whis hyped him up to be. Hopefully the tournament has a swerve as it would be too predictable if Goku is the main hero again.

Check back with us next week as we will review episode 39. The preview shows that Goku turns t the Super Saiyan Blue form and it looks more action-packed than this week’s episode.








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