Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 Review: The Wish Is Granted As Champa Saga Ends

by Damian Seeto

Dragon Ball Super episode 41 has aired this week and it introduced us to a lot of new elements. As we saw last week, an individual named Zeno appeared and shocked everyone including Beerus and Champa. Why is he here and what does he want?

With the tournament now over, the fighting has stopped so don’t expect to see action is this episode of Dragon Ball Super. However, we do get to witness a lot of new story developments that will kickstart what the upcoming saga might be about.

The Omni-King Zeno is the master of all of the 12 universes in Dragon Ball Super. You can kind of call him the “King of Kings”. Some may know I got that reference from WWE’s Triple H, but that nickname fits Zeno too.

You can see how powerful Zeno is because both Beerus and Champa bow down to him. The interesting part about this character is that he has a high pitched voice like a small child. It’s ironic that someone so powerful has a voice of a child.

Zeno is moaning to Champa and Beerus because they have not been doing what they have been assigned to do. They are the Gods of Destruction but both of them have just been sleeping and pigging out. Not to mention they have been holding this tournament that some might say was pointless that even Goku and Hit couldn’t be bothered fighting over it.


Even though this tournament between Beerus and Champa was considered pointless to some characters, Zeno actually thought it was entertaining. He liked it so much, he wants to hold a tourament that features all 12 universes instead of just Universe 7 and Universe 6. This could be a sign for a future saga!

Beerus keeps hyping up how powerful Zeno is as he mentions that Zeno can destroy all 12 universes with the blink of an eye if he really wanted to. At this point in time, Zeno could be the most powerful character ever created in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Goku scares everyone by how informal he is when he wants to greet Zeno himself. Goku manages to shake Zeno’s hand without any consequences much to the relief of Beerus and Champa. Zeno pretty much leaves after that and we’re back to conversations with the other characters.

A tease for an upcoming episode is that Cabba says to Vegeta that he can now visit Planet Salad. We will post upcoming episode titles and summaries later this week to explain more on this. We didn’t want to post them too early. It’s nice to see that Vegeta may visit a planet full of Saiyans again.

Another character that decides to leave is Hit. Goku says goodbye to him. Hit could come back in the future as Goku never really beat him in a fight. Champa on the other hand doesn’t kill his teammates because he might need them in the future.


A funny moment happens when Buu finally wakes up from his slumber. If you remember several weeks back, he fell asleep before the tournament started and was disqualified. It’s funny he wakes up after everything has finished.

Whis then does his magic and reveals that the Nameless Planet they were fighting on was actually the seventh Super Dragon Ball that Bulma was trying to find in episode 31. All of the Super Dragon Balls were there the whole time so now a wish can be granted.

Bulma is still kind of scared that Beerus will use a wish for malicious purposes. After all, he is the God of Destruction! Beerus however tells Bulma not to worry about anything. An interesting part about the Super Dragon Balls is that Whis uses a specific God-type language to summon it.

The scale of this episode is insane. The animation does a great job of highlighting how puny everything is as the size of the Dragon is frickin huge. This dragon from the Super Dragon Balls is bigger than entire galaxies You can get a look at him in the picture provided below. He is called Super Shenron in this episode.


At this point of the episode, we don’t know what Whis’ wish was because he spoke in the God language and not in Japanese. This was done on purpose so the audience is as unaware of the wish like the other characters.

We cut to Champa and Vados who are travelling back to Universe 6. Beerus actually asked Whis to do one of the most unselfish wishes I have ever seen in Dragon Ball. Beerus wished for Universe 6’s Earth to be revived. If you remember correctly, the Universe 6 Earth was somewhat destroyed by humans with nuclear war and such. Now the Earth is back and Champa can have his own food again.

Beerus actually didn’t tell Bulma what his wish was and said he just wanted a better bed. He didn’t want to say he did something noble to keep his “badass” image alive. Monaka on the other hand is rewarded with gold and treasure for winning the tournament. Beerus promises to Monaka that he can fight Goku one day. The episode ends with the others going back to Earth.

Episode 41 of Dragon Ball Super in my mind was amazing. It’s nice to see how kind Beerus is even though he doesn’t show it to the other characters. The teases for future episodes were also great and the fact that there are 12 Universes out there means there should be years of adventures with Goku and the gang. There’s no limit to what can be done in the future.

I also felt this episode was a nice and happy resolution to the Champa saga. Nobody died or abandoned anyone like we have been in the past in Dragon Ball Z. Everyone is happy with their lives as Monaka is rich, Champa has his own Earth back and Goku and the Z fighters can rest back on Earth.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018