Dragon Ball Super Episode 43 Review: Goku Having Problems While Pan Meets Pilaf

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 43 aired this week and it’s another time filler until the real saga begins in June. It’s a light-hearted fun episode if you are a fan of the Pliaf gang and their antics. It also shows some nice scenes of Goku just hanging out with his family in peace.

The first part of this episode is that we see Goku, Chi Chi and Goten eating, but Goku starts to lose some of his appetite. You know that something is terribly wrong when Goku is not wanting to eat any food. Chi Chi tells him to ask King Kai to know what’s going on with his body at the moment. Goku at this stage cannot even fly straight either.

There is a sequence of funny scenes that happen because Goku’s Instant Transmission technique is affected by his strange illness as well. He even goes to Capsule Corp and sets off all of the alarms. Vegeta is angry with him, but Goku says he came here by accident as he’s not interested in seeing Bulma’s saggy (you know what) before Vegeta cuts him off. He even meets Krillin at the police station and we get a cameo from Arale.

What’s happening to Goku right now is that he cannot control his energy anymore thanks to the Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken technique he used during the multi-verse tournament. It pretty much screwed with his body a lot and King Kai tells him to rest up and don’t train for a while.[tps_header][/tps_header]

A funny thing happens after than when Goku teleports back home and destroys it because he’s still not 100 percent healthy with his powers. As a result of this, Goku and the rest of his family have to live in Gohan and Videl’s mansion in the meantime.


Piccolo actually gives Goku some advice on how to babysit as we know he’s pretty good at that stuff. Piccolo is pretty much a full time babysitter now since Gohan and Videl are busy all of the time.

Piccolo and Goku hang out with Pan on the roof and it’s nice to see the trio bonding closely. It is scenes like this that was kind of missing in Dragon Ball Z as Goku was either dead or unable to see his family much. Akira Toriyama it seems is showing Goku more of a family man which is good.

Further on in the episode, we see that Pilaf is up to no good again and still wants to get even with Goku. As this is happening, Pan crawls away from Goku and Piccolo and Piccolo is furious that Goku let her get away like that.

What follows after that is just Pan having innocent fun with the Pilaf gang. They want to “kidnap” her but their plan doesn’t pan (excuse the pun) out. They end up trying to get away in a robot, but Pan powers up and destroys it while they are up in space. Yes, little Pan can use powers and fly even though she is only an infant. Pan manages to fly back home and everything seems to be fine. None of the others knew what really happened though and this is how the episode ended.

Dragon Ball Super episode 43 was fun to watch, but not an essential one if you wanted to see the story progress any further. It’s worth watching just for the Vegeta/Bulma scene alone though. Next week looks very interesting as we see some new characters on a new planet. Join us next Sunday for our review!

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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