Dragon Ball Super Episode 44 Review: Goten And Trunks Go To Planet Potaufeu

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 44 aired this week and it is an interesting one because we visit a new strange planet that we have never seen before. Not to mention the duo of Trunks and Goten get themselves into a bit of trouble along the way.

The episode actually starts off by showing us what Planet Potaufeu looks like. It’s a predominantly blue planet with mushroom trees all over the place. Some ominous aliens have landed and an older creature is there looking on. It appears he’s protecting something around his neck. We’ll talk more about that later.

The next scene shows more familiar territory as it’s back on Earth at Capsule Corp. Monaka is back to his delivering duties again giving a package to Bulma. Monaka is invited inside to help Bulma work on a weird experiment that excretes a blue liquid of some sort.

As the two are inside, Trunks and Goten are playing outside.  The pair see Monaka’s delivery truck and start looking around. Trunks’ eyes light up when he sees a sword inside while Goten is distracted by a balloon model. The truck door closes and Monaka is back and transports the boys out into space!

Monaka cannot hear their cries to open the truck door because he’s busy listening to the radio. Monaka ends up showing up to Planet Potaufeu which is the location we saw at the very beginning of Dragon Ball Super episode 44. Monaka sees them frozen in ice after opening the door once they have landed on the new planet.

As this is happening, the old man we saw earlier in the episode shows up. He bumps into Monaka as he is running in fear from the big green aliens that landed a few hours before. The old man wanted a tape about martial arts which is why Monaka is there to deliver it to him.


The big green aliens catch up to the group and they are looking for a fight. Luckily, Trunks and Goten managed to be on the trip after all as they save the old man from getting killed. It’s a great little action sequence and it’s nice to see the kids fighting as we have not seen them in action for a long time.

What the bad guys have been after is the item that was around the old man’s neck. It contains a secret powerful water that enables someone to possess the power of an entire planet. Basically anyone that drinks it should be able to become stronger than ever before. If it goes to the wrong hands, it could be troublesome.

Unfortunately, the bad guys manage to get a hold of the water during the scuffle as the old man lost it. Not to mention they have kidnapped Monaka who passed out. Trunks, Goten and the old man are also captured at this point.

Back on Earth, Bulma is worried because she hasn’t seen Trunks in a while. She looks at the security camera feed and finds out that Monaka accidentally left with the two kids. Jaco is there as well and explains he has been finding a criminal named “Grill”. Grill is the leader of the big aliens we saw before and he’s pretty dangerous. It’s down to Jaco and Vegeta to go to Planet Potaufeu to save the others.

Bulma calls Chi Chi telling her that Goten needs to be saved. Goku is unavailable to aid at this time because he’s training with King Kai to get his body back into fighting shape after the troubles he had during Dragon Ball Super episode 43.

Vegeta arrives at the nick of time protecting Trunks from a laser blast as they escaped captivity by simply flying away. Vegeta is able to make short work of the henchmen until he confronts Grill. Grill spews a purple sludge onto and Vegeta it creates a purple clone of Vegeta. This is how the episode ends.

Episode 44 of Dragon Ball Super was another strong outing again. They have become very creative with the stories and it will be exciting to see if this will lead to another major saga. Next week in Dragon Ball Super episode 45, we will see more of the Copy Vegeta!

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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