Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 Review: Future Trunks Saga Starts As Black Goku Appears

by Damian Seeto


The day is finally here as the Future Trunks saga has started with episode 47 of Dragon Ball Super. It is the start of what could be the best and most serious saga of the series to date.

To clarify some confusion, this is the same Future Trunks that we met back during the Cell saga. It’s not the Trunks that grows up from the Super timeline. This is the same character that we knew from Dragon Ball Z. As always, his future is more scary than in the current timeline.

Some criticism towards Dragon Ball Super is that it has been more comedic compared to Dragon Ball Z. Apart from Frieza, there has never been a serious villain in the entire series. Both Beerus and Champa weren’t really true bad guys as they cracked jokes. This Future Trunks saga is dark and is nothing like we have seen before in Super.

This is evident in the opening scene as everything is dark and somber as Trunks is running away from a shadowy figure. Trunks has to avoid electricity beams and he eventually retreats inside of a building where Bulma is. She is using fuel in order to juice up the Time Machine. As we have read from the synopsis, the Time Machine only has enough juice for a one way trip to the past.

Bulma tells him to meet Mai while the black figure comes in to the building. It’s a sad scene after that as a huge explosion happens and Bulma did not survive the blast. Future Bulma is dead so it looks like Mai is the only character Trunks has as a companion in this timeline right now.

Anyway after that dark moment, the episode shifts to the present where we see what the other Z fighters are up to. Vegeta is busy training with Whis and Goku appears suddenly and wants to join in too.


The episode cuts back to the future and we see how the whole world is in ruin. It’s pretty much like the drab environments you see in a lot of video games set in a post-apocalyptic future. It doesn’t look like any other people are alive right now apart from the main characters.

Trunks meets up with Mai and tells her that there is a chance for them to go back to the past. This “Black” figure is able to read Trunks’ Ki so he has to run away from it. There’s no chance for him to hide anymore.

We go back to the present and it’s Whis, Beerus, Goku and Vegeta talking about the Omni King Zeno. There is a funny story that there were 18 universes in Dragon Ball, but Zeno got angry one day and destroyed six of them. They also mention that nobody is stronger than Zeno.

It’s back to the future and Trunks and Mai don’t have much time to get a breath as the black figure appears. Trunks has no choice but to try and attack it and hope for the best. Trunks’ attack is no good as the black figure breaks his sword. Mai shows how brave she is and starts shooting from her shotgun. Sadly, the black figure shoots back at Mai and she dies. That’s two important characters to Trunks that have died today…

The black figure shows his face and he looks like Goku. He says “today is the day you die Saiyan“. This is when episode 47 ends so Trunks has yet to travel to the past. Overall, the episode is very dark so don’t expect to be laughing that much like in the filler episodes that preceded it. Other than how dark it is, it’s great to see Future Trunks is back and it will be exciting to know who this Black Goku really is.

Next week’s preview is for Dragon Ball Super episode 48 and we see that he arrives in the present all by himself. He’s really tired and needs some rest but the other characters are surprised to see him back. Nobody is more shocked than Kid Trunks to see his future self appear.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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