Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Review: History Of Future Mai And Future Trunks

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 50 was interesting as it gave us some clues about the identity of Black Goku. Episode 51 has a different tone as it explains a bit more about the history between Mai and Trunks.

If you liked last week’s episode, you might be slightly disappointed with episode 51 because the action takes a bit of a backseat. This episode however tells us a few more things about the characters in this saga specifically Future Trunks and his relationship with Mai. Not to mention there are small clues to Black Goku’s identity.

If you remember from last week, Bulma surprised everyone as she showed the Time Machine that Cell used. This is their ticket to allow Future Trunks to go back to his own timeline since Black Goku destroyed his original Time Machine. She always wanted to find out how to fix the Time Machine which is why she kept it after all of these years.

Goku then asks Beerus and Whis if he can train some more as he wants to face Black Goku again. Beerus and Whis still hate the fact that time is being manipulated so many times by these characters and the one thing that bothers both of them is the time ring that Black Goku used last week. If you read the spoilers, you might know where this might be heading…Vegeta decides to keep training in the gravity room while Goku goes to train over with King Kai since Beerus and Whis ignore his resquest.

As the episode cuts back to the future, we see Black Goku again. As his body is flashing, we see that Black Goku’s body changes to show the original orange outfit of Goku. This will lead to a lot of fan theories about his true identity. Anyway, Black Goku may have been beaten last week, but he still wants another shot at Goku. He feels he can get stronger if he fights more. This is a trait that Saiyans usually have.

Bulma’s parents come back and they see both Future Trunks and Kid Trunks at the same time. Bulma is happy to see her father because she feels he can help her fix the broken Time Machine. Pilaf adds his two cents by saying some of the nasty stuff he would do if he used the Time Machine.


Speaking of Pilaf, Future Trunks talks about this relationship with Future Mai when Pilaf calls out her name. It’s quite funny to see at first as it looks like Future Trunks is hitting on the younger version of Mai as she blushes. All he wants to tell her is how important she becomes in the future.

When he is telling the story, he notes that Black Goku killed pretty much 50% of the human population. The Future Mai assembles a resistance group in order to combat Black Goku. They used guns and lots of other military equipment in order to take the fight to Black Goku. It’s great to see how they have made Mai to be a courageous character compared to the cowardly version we saw the original Dragon Ball series.

Obviously, regular weapons don’t work on Black Goku. Thankfully, Future Trunks saves her from being killed, although he’s still not strong enough to kill Black Goku. As they fight, Mai ends up saving Trunks when Black Goku gets distracted by a bright light during the fight. The worst part about this future is that there are no more Senzu Beans so they cannot heal each other instantly. This is because there is no more Korin to grow them. Mai has to heal Trunks’ wounds the traditional way.

Future Trunks then reveals the sad news that Future Mai died. He also mentioned he never saw the future versions of Pilaf or Shu anywhere. It’s possible they could have died or at least they are hiding somewhere and we might see them in another episode. The episode then ends with Beerus and Whis saying that have felt a power level before that is similar to Black Goku. This is a tease for a future episode to come.

Overall, episode 51 of Dragon Ball Super is interesting because it has a lot of character development and backstory. It’s also nice to see that this saga is being dragged out a little longer and isn’t being rushed like the previous one. Episode 52 is next week and Future Trunks will finally get to see what the present Gohan looks like…

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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