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Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 Review: Goku Meets The Omni-King

by Damian Seeto


After taking a one week break due to the Olympics, Dragon Ball Super is back with episode 55. This time, we get to see why the Omni-King (or Zeno) wants to see Goku.

If you don’t remember, the Omni-King is the boss of all 12 universes and is the most powerful character in the entire series. The character wants to meet Goku for some reason and Whis and Beerus are worried. They don’t want Goku to offend the Omni-King or else Universe 7 might get destroyed.

It’s bad timing for Goku because Bulma has nearly finished making the time machine and everyone wants to go to the future to take on Black Goku. Whis and Beerus however feels meeting the Omni-King is more important. Beerus also warns Goku not to tell the Omni-King about time travelling to face off against Black Goku.

Whis also mentions that Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction are a set. If one of them dies, the other dies too. This is similar to how Kami died when Piccolo got killed off during the Saiyan Saga. This means Beerus might die if the Supreme Kai dies for some reason.

In another scene in this Dragon Ball Super episode, we’re back to Zamasu and Gowasu. Zamasu is still in the mindset that mortals are insignificant beings and they they should all be killed. One of the Barbarians gets killed by Zamasu as he gets chopped in half. Gowasu moans at him because he’s not allowed to do something like this.


Later in the episode, Gowasu says that there needs to be a good balance between good and evil in the world. Zamasu disagrees and wants to rid the world of evil (or what he thinks is evil). There’s a few teases that Zamasu is Black Goku. You can see rose petals flying around as he’s standing in the wind…

The show then goes back to Goku, Whis and Supreme Kai as they go to visit the Omni-King. Whis sees an ominous blue man and mentions he’s stronger than himself. This goes to show us that there are lots of other characters that are stronger than all of the fighters we have known.

After a long walk, Goku and the others finally see the Omni-King. Goku is ignorant as he doesn’t show respect to him immediately. The Omni-King’s request is to just have a friend to play with. Goku calls him by an informal name (Zen-Chan) and everyone freaks out. Thankfully, the Omni King just laughs it off. Goku is given a button so that Omni-King can visit him anytime on Earth. Goku promises to him that he will find an appropriate friend for him to play with.

At the end of the episode, Vegeta, Trunks and Goku all head on over to the time machine. They go to the future and everything is destroyed. The last thing we see is Mai’s beanie, but her body isn’t there. She must be alive! The episode ends with the Resistance trying to shoot Goku because they think he’s Black Goku.

Episode 55 was okay, but it didn’t do too much to advance the current storyline. It appears this episode is leading up to future sagas. After all, the Omni-King teased another tournament in an earlier episode with all universes getting involved. You can bypass this episode if you wanted plot development. Nothing too important was covered here.

Episode 56 looks like the episode you should gear up for as Black Goku will arrive. He will appear in his new Super Saiyan Rose form. Join us next week for our episode 56 review.

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