Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 Review: Super Saiyan Rose Black Goku vs Vegeta And Goku

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 56 might the best episode in this new story arc. It’s a fight between Super Saiyan Rose Black Goku plus Vegeta and Goku.

Before we recap this episode, Dragon Ball Super episode 55 ended with Future Trunks, Goku and Vegeta in the future timeline. They have arrived and want to destroy Black Goku once and for all.

However, Goku is attacked by the Resistance. The Resistance think that Goku is Black Goku and they start firing like crazy. Luckily, the fighters recognize Future Trunks as he explains to them that this is the good Goku.

The Resistance heard of the plan about Future Trunks going back to the past to recruit Vegeta and Goku. Future Trunks is surprised they know about this. They alert him that Mai told them this information as she is alive!

As the group heads on over to the the Resistance base (in an abandoned subway), Future Trunks and Mai are reunited once again. Mai thought Future Trunks died, but he was obviously just temporarily stuck in the past. As for Mai, she survived the attack from Black Goku and regained consciousness.


This part of the episode shows us how dire the situation is in this timeline at the moment. Everyone in this base are the only known human survivors left in this world. Luckily, Mai was able to save some kids although they are scared by the face of the normal Goku due to the resemblance of Black Goku. Trunks cheers them up with silly faces while Vegeta gives the survivors food from one of Bulma’s capsules.

Another great scene in this episode will make long-time Dragon Ball fans very happy. Yajirobe of all people is one of the survivors, but Future Trunks thought he died ages ago by the Androids. Korin the cat allowed him to use one of the last Senzu beans. Yajirobe is still the same cowardly character though as he never fights and only appears when food is around…

Sadly, they cannot stay happy as Black Goku is still on the loose. Vegeta and Goku play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who faces Black Goku. Vegeta wins and will face him one-on-one. Vegeta suggests Future Trunks should keep low and escape back to the past with Mai. However, Mai stays back at the base while Future Trunks flies off with Goku and Vegeta.

We then cut to Black Goku and he’s happy that the world is not full of mortals. He is then interrupted by Vegeta, Goku and Trunks. The fight between Vegeta and Black Goku is on. Vegeta turns straight into Super Saiyan Blue, but Black Goku doesn’t seem scared by this. Future Trunks is worried by Black Goku’s confidence.

While the two are fighting, Future Trunks ponders at why Black Goku called Vegeta a ‘mortal’. Is this a clue that Black Goku and Zamasu are linked in some way?

Black Goku is impressed that a normal mortal like Vegeta is able to last this long with him. As a ‘reward’, Black Goku shows him his new form which is Super Saiyan Rose. Black Goku mentions that he’s made Goku reach full power. The normal Goku is bewildered by this statement. It could mean that the Super Saiyan Rose form is stronger than Blue…


It appears Blue is weaker than Rose because Black Goku makes short work of Vegeta. He forms a pink blade and stabs Vegeta through the chest in a pretty violent scene. Vegeta’s fight is over so now Goku has to step up to fight Black Goku.

It seems as if the first fight between Goku and Black Goku made the latter stronger. Maybe Goku should have tried to finish him off earlier… Due to the severity of the situation, Goku doesn’t procrastinate and turns into Super Saiyan Blue. Goku vs Black Goku has now commenced.

As for Vegeta, he’s thankfully not dead. He’s just laying down on the ground wounded. It doesn’t appear as if Future Trunks has any Senzu beans with him yet. As for Goku, he’s getting pummeled by Black Goku and things don’t look good for the heroes.

The end of the episode ends in a real exciting cliffhanger. Zamasu himself appears out of nowhere and says he wants to end Goku. This means Black Goku and Zamasu are linked after all. The two seem to be working with each other, although we may have to find out next week on the identity of Black Goku. Is he a future Zamasu stealing Goku’s body or is he a God of Destruction?

Overall, episode 56 was excellent and you shouldn’t miss it. This might be the best Dragon Ball Super episode to date. If you are a fan of Vegeta, you might dislike the fact that he’s treated as second best once again. Next week Goku has to fight Zamasu so stay tuned for our review/recap in a week’s time.

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