Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 Review: Who Is Black Goku?

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 60 finally reveals the huge identity for Black Goku. Before that is revealed at the end of the episode, the heroes go to the future.

If you remember last week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super, Beerus is not worried about the state of the future. In his mind, the power of Gods means they can change all timelines. He feels Zamasu is dead once and for all.

Future Trunks is still not certain of this. Future Trunks is determined to go back to the future to make sure the timeline has changed or not. He is still a believer of the multiverse theory of alternate timelines.

When the group have some food, Beerus is angry that nobody believes him. Goku feels that they just want to double check to make sure Zamasu is dead. Vegeta agrees that they need a better strategy this time around. He also says they should bring more Senzu beans.

Beerus refuses to go to the future to help them as it’s illegal for Gods to mess with time. In my opinion, this is a good move and makes the series more engaging. The characters of Dragon Ball Super need to be tested as it’s way too easy and cheap to rely on Beerus to bail them out all of the time…

Future Trunks still doesn’t believe Beerus’ theory of the timeline being changed. He says he still exists in the present time. If time was really affected, he will be back in his own timeline. Not to mention if time has been changed, will Future Bulma be alive?


Future Trunks also mentions to Kid Trunks how alternate timelines work. In his timeline, Goku and Vegeta are dead and Android 18 was still evil. He says Kid Trunks is lucky since Goku and Vegeta are still alive and Android 18 is nice since she’s married now with Krillin. Kid Trunks now understands why Future Trunks doesn’t believe Beerus’ theory.

The group then prepare to go back to the future (no pun intended). Bulma wants to come and brings the Senzu beans with her. She says if Future Trunks stays in the future, they need someone to pilot the time machine back to the present.

Even though all four of them are squeezing inside the time machine, Bulma still wants to go. She is curious to see what the future looks like. Beerus on the other hand wants to go back home, but Whis wants to stay in order to know what happens next.

As Future Trunks, Goku, Vegeta and Bulma travel to the future, they still see that Earth is in ruins. It looks like Beerus did nothing at all to change the timeline. It’s still a wasteland like it was before.

They all meet up with the Resistance after this, but Mai has been injured. Future Trunks has to chew the Senzu bean and kiss her in order to make her swallow it. There’s only four Senzu beans left, although this doesn’t seem to worry Goku too much. Goku is always confident in his abilities…

There is a funny comment here where Goku claims to have never kissed anyone in his life. Vegeta asks him isn’t he married? Goku shrugs off Vegeta’s comment. This is weird since Goku and Chi Chi had Gohan and Goten. The two would have been intimate…

After Bulma meets Future Mai and Yajirobe, she gives them food and supplies. However, the rest period does not last very long as Black Goku and Zamasu can sense the presence of the others. Trouble is coming their way.

The resistance and other survivors have to stay indoors while Vegeta comes up with a plan to defeat Black Goku first. He feels killing Black Goku is easier since Zamasu is said to be “immortal”.

As the bad guys arrive, Goku tells them they know of their plan. He says Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls in order to be immortal and create a fake and evil Black Goku.

Black Goku corrects Goku’s assumption. Apparently, the body that Black has is the real Goku! However, the body has been taken over with the mind of Zamasu. The first wish he uses was to exchange bodies with Goku.

The cliffhanger is so painful this week on Dragon Ball Super. Goku wants to know what happened to that “other” Goku. Black Goku just says he killed him and that’s the end of the episode.

Sadly, the ending still didn’t answer the many questions fans have. Hopefully episode 61 next week will have more answers to people’s questions. Join us next week again for our full review of episode 61.

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