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Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 Review: Fusion Zamasu Appears

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 64 was on this week and Goku Black and Future Zamasu are now more powerful than ever. The evil duo have fused to become one.

Before that happens, Vegeta is still kicking Goku Black’s butt. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta has become stronger than ever thanks to his training and anger. Future Zamasu wants to help out, but Goku says to start fighting him instead.

Goku Black realizes that Vegeta’s power comes from his anger. After seeing what he did to Future Trunks, Vegeta is stronger. Goku Black becomes angrier himself and now upgrades his laser sword into a laser scythe.

His scythe is so strong, that it rips space and time itself. Not even Goku Black himself knows what he did. While Future Zamasu is talking trash about how tough gods are, Goku punches him while he’s wide open. It’s one of the first times I’ve seen Goku get to the point.


Somehow during the scuffle, it ends up being Goku Black vs Goku and Vegeta. Future Zamasu flies off in pursuit to find Mai, Future Trunks and Bulma. Future Trunks thankfully has glued back the jar. Can they seal him with the Mafuba Wave?

There is a very funny scene here where Future Trunks is doing Ginyu-like poses to try and do the Mafuba Wave. Bulma then remembers she recorded Piccolo doing the move with her smartphone and she shows him how it’s really done.

Bulma tries to buy them some time and flirts with Future Zamasu. She thinks she can convince him to be his wife. Unfortunately, Future Zamasu isn’t buying it and knocks her out. Future Trunks sees this and gets angry. He turns into the new Super Saiyan form that still hasn’t got an official name yet.

Future Trunks does the Mafuba Wave on his first try and manages to seal Future Zamasu in the jar. It looks like one half of the evil duo is gone. However, they forget to put the paper amulet on top to seal him inside forever!


Master Roshi calls Kid Trunks and says they forgot to get the paper amulet from him. They cannot get it from him now. Mai, Future Trunks and Bulma fail to contain Future Zamasu inside the jar and he breaks out.

Goku Black senses Future Zamasu’s energy has gotten a lot lower. He became weaker after getting stuffed inside the jar. He uses Instant Transmission to help out Future Zamasu out. Goku and Vegeta follow him too.

After underestimating the power of mortals, the duo says it’s now time to fuse using their Potara earrings. The end of this Dragon Ball Super episode shows us the new fused Zamasu.

Dragon Ball Super episode 64 is another solid entry in the series. Now that the Mafuba technique doesn’t work, our heroes have to find another way to beat Zamasu. It makes the story more unpredictable. It will be interesting to see how this story arc concludes. Join us next week for our thoughts on episode 65.

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