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Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Review: Vegito vs Zamasu

| November 12, 2016

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Review: Vegito vs Zamasu Articles Culture  TV Series Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 66 is was on this week and the battle against Zamasu rages on. Vegeta and Goku use a technique that they have not used in years.

Before that happens though, Dragon Ball Super episode 65 ended on a cliffhanger. Goku was doing the Kamehameha wave against Zamasu’s strongest attack. Episode 66 shows us the conclusion of this light show.

I actually like Goku in this new arc because he doesn’t seem to procrastinate as much as he has in the past. He actually uses his full Super Saiyan Blue power to the Kamehameha wave and this weakens Zamasu a lot. Goku’s attack makes Zamasu’s face turn purple like Two-Face. There is a weakness to him after all.

Goku still has some energy left in him and starts attacking Zamasu with his fists. He then knocks out Zamasu with a kick to the head while using the Kaioken technique. This makes Goku lose all his energy and he passes out. However, the battle has not ended yet.

Zamasu is angrier than ever and wants to kill Goku and the others. Gowasu on the other hand speculates what many thought a few weeks ago when Goku Black and Zamasu first merged. Gowasu says that the merged Zamasu may not be 100% immortal after all. This is because only the body of the Future Zamasu was granted immortality. Goku Black on the other hand was still mortal. This is where his weakness lies.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Review: Vegito vs Zamasu Articles Culture  TV Series Dragon Ball Super

Gowasu then says that they need an ever greater power than Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha wave to beat Zamasu once and for all. You can guess where this is going. Who is stronger than Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue form?

Goku borrows the Supreme Kai’s Potara earrings and wants Vegeta to fuse with him. Vegeta is hesitant to fuse, but caves in mainly because this is their only chance of winning. Gowasu explains to Goku that Potara fusion between non Supreme Kais only last for one hour. This is why Vegito was able to separate back in the Buu saga.

There has been a bit of controversy already over this new change in the writing. Back in Dragon Ball Z, it was explained that Vegito separated because the magic wore off inside Buu’s body. They might have made the change in order to make Goku and Vegeta fuse again without explaining why Vegito is not a permanent form.

After eating some Senzu beans, the two are ready to become Vegito once more. Zamsu does not recognize who they are at first, but then Vegito explains that he is both Goku and Vegeta. After the talking is over, the two merged beings have a great little fight. Zamasu doesn’t seem to be too scared of Vegito, but Vegito is no pushover either.

Vegito sees that Zamasu is becoming more and more desperate at this point. Zamasu keeps explaining that the current world is corrupt and that mortals should never have been as strong as Gods. He wants to get rid of all mortals and create a new world of his own.

As this is happening, Bulma tells Future Trunks that the time machine is fixed. Mai gives him back his broken sword, but he wants to join the fight. The writers are making Future Trunks look pretty strong in this arc. He even has the power to make a new sword for himself using his own Ki. There was no explanation on how/where he got this technique from…

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Review: Vegito vs Zamasu Articles Culture  TV Series Dragon Ball Super

Vegito is using all of his power against Zamasu and is trying his best to finish the fight once and for all. Again, the writers are doing a little more justice to the Goku character in this arc. He’s not procrastinating like he has done in the past. However, Vegito seems to be using too much power and he separates back into Goku and Vegeta again.

This might come as a disappointment to Vegito fans. We’ve wanted to see the character come back and he doesn’t even last the entire episode. They apparently used too much energy before the 1 hour time limit was up. Dragon Ball Z fans will moan at this since this rule didn’t apply before. This rule previously only applied to the fusion dance technique with Gogeta.

Thankfully Future Trunks comes in the nick of time because Goku and Vegeta were about to be killed. He’s using his new Super Saiyan form and he has Ki repaired sword in tow.

Future Trunks then creates a spirit bomb (don’t know how, he just did) with his sword and own energy gathered by the survivors of Earth. With all the energy, Future Trunks stabs Zamasu and cuts him in half. It appears Zamasu has finally been defeated once and for all! Not to mention it was Future Trunks who saved the day and not Goku. It appears this epic arc is finally come to an end.

Overall, I thought this episode was good, although revising the rules of the Potata earrings and the short duration of Vegito will annoy some fans. However, the fact that Future Trunks was able to be the main hero puts a smile on my face. I know Goku is the main character, but it was getting tiresome seeing him be the hero all of the time. At least for this Dragon Ball Super arc, he didn’t give the final blow. Click here to see what episode 67 is about.

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  • jose collado

    This episode was just amazing! People complain too much about rules and things “not making much sense” everything makes sense at least to writer and that’s all that matters! If you truly are a fan then you should respect toriyamas way of doing things if not then stop watching it and let other people enjoy it! If you don’t believe in miracles in real life at least respect the fictional ones!

    • David Guerreiro

      I really enjoyed too but let’s going to be honest. Genkidama is a technique that only Goku knows how to perform it. Kaio showed him how to do it, that’s why Goku is the only one who is able to do that. A good point would have been to have Goku preparing the Genkidama while Trunks and Vegeta distract Zamasu, and then Trunks finally getting the power of the Goku’s Genkidama to destroy Zamasu as he did, but it would’ve taken one episode more. I do not understand this rush , everything goes so fast compared with DBZ.

  • awais

    Time limit is good, this shows that Goku+Vegeta might use this fusion in later fights as now they can fuse and separate

    • AngelOfDeath

      Then why not just use the fucking fusion dance no item is needed and unlike potara being absorbed by buu doesn’t affect the time limit (yes this was a jab at the stuoid retcon)

      • Oneish

        Because the Fusion Dance has a 30 minute time limit, and it’s been stated the Potara fusion is the strongest kind of fusion.

        • AngelOfDeath

          Except for the problem that they give the same output confirmed by Akira when he was asked who would win and he answered Gogeta and Vegito would fight forever if it weren’t for the time limit. Thereby Implying Vegito only wins because Gogeta times out and not because he is stronger.

      • lightingfire50

        I found the 1 hour limit annoying and it would have made more sense if they did the fusion dance, but the vegeta does not know the dance’s steps and it will take a while for him to learn it. And if he gets one step wrong, both vegeta and goku will be stuck as veku for 30 min. I don’t think vegeta take personal time to practice fusion dance or risk doing the steps wrong. So potara fusion has become a safer and longer fusion dance version but with items instead of steps.

        • AngelOfDeath

          Here’s the problem with that argument unlike the potara no item is needed therefore they don’t have to rely on carrying an item at all time with them something they both hate to do since Goku even forgets to bring senzus bean at times. Second if Trunks can learn the mafuba from only seeing a video of it then I’m sure Vegeta cpuld easily learn how to perform the dance after seeing it only once. Both krillin and Piccolo were able to perfom the dance to perfection while only seeing it once. I’m sure the prince of all saiyans can have it down after one try. You’re right potara does have a longer time limit but again it posses the problem of needing an item at all times where ass the fusion dance can be done without one for essentially the same amount of time since the fusion result is so powerful. it would’ve also served as a nice nod to the fans finally making Gogeta canon but instead we got a retcon which cheapens Vegito

  • Justin Wyatt

    Trunks didn’t have a “magically repaired sword”. He channeled his ki into his broken sword, making a ki blade (like Zamasu was able to make with his hand). That’s why the “blade” was glowing, it was made of pure energy, NOT metal.

    When Trunks absorbed the ki from all the other mortals, he channeled that energy into the ki blade, making it even stronger. THAT’S how he was able to beat Zamasu.

    • AngelOfDeath

      Except nobody been shown to do anything remotely like that before and ki flows it doesn’t stand still which is why thise swords have a rough look to them yet trunks stays still. Also when did trubks learn ro get powers from other like that. He seemed genuinely surprised by it. The only person that has been shown doing that is Goku.

      • Sylus

        I think we established Trunks as some kind of prodigy when he learned the mafuba by watching a video.

        • AngelOfDeath

          Except that he isn’t a prodigy and he just got random power boosts throughout this entire arc because why not. Seriously 1 day ago he couldn’t even fight a weak Goku black in base firm and now he is able to defeat a fusion of them two and people complained about friezas power level but at least he trained hardcore for 4 months trunks did nothing and beat up a being even vegito ssj blue couldnt

      • Justin Wyatt

        You forget… Trunks trained with the Kais, and mastered the Z sword. Mastering the Z sword takes INTENSE concentration and discipline, to the point that the sword becomes an extension of the user. Future Trunks has ALWAYS favored combat with a sword so it’s no surprise that he’d be able to concentrate ki into the blade, thereby making it an extension of his own power.

        • AngelOfDeath

          You realize you ignored the entire problem right? Trunks went from weaker than a weak Black in base to beating a fusion of black and zamsu in less than a day. Out of everything i can accept Trunks infusing ki in his sword what i can’t accept is his random ability to create a spirit bomb and then infuse that same energy into his sword. To put this in perspective it took all of of Earth population just to take out kid buu but a hundred people and a weakend Vegeta and Goku were enough for Trunks to slay a fused zamasu. How much more of an asspull can that be. Btw trunks has not always favored combat with a sword that was simply put for fan service. He stopped using a sword once he trained with his father.

      • trey

        VEGETA knows it Goku has only done the fusion dance with vegeta. 2x against Omega Shenron and in the movie FUSION REBORN AGAINST JANEMBA AFTER HE HANDED SS3 GOKU HIS ASS.


  • Sriharsha

    It is in the future, so it makes sense that Trunks was the hero. And i agree that the speed at which it is going is good. However, I wouldn’t mind them slowing down a it and atleast showing a bit, of the spirit bomb formation and how it happened. The episode in that way seemed rushed especially from DBZ standards. I don’t want fights to be as slow as Frieza but, a little drama here and there wouldn’t hurt right? One episode of Vegito followed by one with Trunks making the spirit bomb and winning would have been better IMO

  • Clavicus Vile

    Horrible arc. Complete shit.

    • The Honklord

      Ever since the 180 degree flip the tone took as soon as they got to the depressing future arc, I’ve been feeling like the show has jumped the shark.

      The way the animation framerate abruptly doubled in the middle of this episode was a little jarring, and the entire fight seemed really out of place. I immediately thought to myself “oh, I guess this is really is the final battle.”

      It almost seemed as out of place as this whole mopey, downtrodden survivor business. Wallowing in morose negativity has never been a part of Dragon Ball.

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