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Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 Review: End of Zamasu/Future Trunks Saga

by Damian Seeto


After several weeks, the Zamasu and Future Trunks story arc in Dragon Ball Super has come to an end. Episode 67 shows us the conclusion of this exciting saga.

As you may have seen from last week’s episode, Dragon Ball Super episode 66 ended with Future Trunks slicing Zamasu in half. Episode 67 sees how this all ends.

Basically, Zamasu cannot believe that he has been defeated by a mortal and then his physical body disappears. It looks like the war is finally over. Goku, Mai, Bulma and the others congratulate Future Trunks in killing Zamasu. Future Trunks stays humble and says it was the power of everyone.

It’s also interesting to hear that Goku says his sword acted like a Spirit Bomb. Future Trunks did conjure up a Spirit Bomb out of nowhere even though he was never taught how to use the technique before.

The episode then takes a different turn because Zamasu is not dead after all. A rift opens up and a cloud of smoke covers the sky. Zamasu is back in cloud form and laughing at all of the survivors.

Goku tries to turn Super Saiyan Blue, but his power dissipates. He used up all of his energy back when he was Vegetto. Vegeta is also weak due to the Final Kamehameha they used in last week’s episode.


Future Trunks, Goku and Vegeta unleash a Galick Gun, Kamehameha and Final Flash to the cloud form of Zamasu. Nothing happens as Zamasu smiles down upon them. He then devours the whole Earth and spreads across the Universe. There doesn’t seem to be a way to defeat him.

Zamasu’s evil spreads to even the present time as Kid Trunks and the others see Zamasu’s face. Zamasu has killed everyone in the future timeline expect for Future Trunks, Goku, Vegeta, Mai, Bulma, Gowasu and Supreme Kai.

Goku thinks he has a Senzu Bean left, but he reaches his back pocket to see the device he received from Zeno. If you remember Zeno, he’s that ultimate god-like character that has infinite power. Goku asks if Zeno is still alive in the future, Supreme Kai says that he should be around.

Goku presses the button and Zeno appears. Zeno sees all of the mess and starts destroying the whole world. Goku panics and urges everyone to escape into the time machine. As Zeno is about to destroy Zamasu and this whole Universe, everyone escapes back to the present in the nick of time.

I’m not sure about your opinions, but I thought this was a weird way to end Zamasu. It would have been more rewarding to see Future Trunks get the final blow to Zamasu. Making Zeno appear seemed like a weak way to end things. Heroes have to usually overcome obstacles on their own, not call on someone else to help them. That’s like if Batman called Superman to fight all of his villains for him.


Anyway, back to the recap of this Dragon Ball Super episode. Everyone is back in the present and it’s funny to see two Mais at the same time. Even Kid Trunks has a crush on the older Mai. Future Trunks and Mai are still concerned. Their world is no more. That timeline got erased by Zeno completely.

Goku and Future Trunks go back to the future to see if there is anything left. They see Zeno by himself in a sea of nothingness. They actually bring the future Zeno to the present timeline much to the disbelief of Beerus!

If you remember a few months ago, the present Zeno wanted to find a friend to play with. Goku is now letting the present Zeno play with the future Zeno. You could say that he’s now playing with himself. Sorry, that sentence sounds a bit rude, but it’s true.

Anyway, Whis has a solution to both Future Trunks and Future Mai. He says there is a new timeline/world that they can go to where Zamasu doesn’t exist. This is the new timeline Beerus created when he destroyed Zamasu ending the time loop.

Whis says he will take care of this new timeline forewarning Beerus about Zamasu. It sounds like Whis will tell Beerus to kill Zamasu before the Supreme Kai dies. In Future Trunks’ timeline, his Supreme Kai died which is why Beerus wasn’t around.


Beerus says something that I agree with. He says that Goku and the others rely on the Gods too much to do their work for them. This is just one of the reasons why I didn’t like the way this arc ended.

Whis ends his speech by saying that Future Mai and Future Trunks will be living in a new timeline where another Trunks and Mai still exist. Future Mai is happy with it as everyone they know is still alive.

Anyway, Future Mai and Trunks agree to live in this new timeline and everyone says goodbye. Vegeta gives his own unique goodbye by throwing a fist at Future Trunks. As they are leaving in the time machine, Future Trunks cries when he sees Gohan. It reminds him a lot of his own (and cooler looking) Gohan. Dragon Ball Super episode 67 ends with the two going to their new timeline.

Despite my issues with Zeno and cloud Zamasu, this story arc as a whole has been amazing. I would say it’s my second favorite story arc in Dragon Ball history behind the Androids/Cell saga. It’s definitely the best saga of Dragon Ball Super. Anyway, were you satisfied with the way things ended?

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