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Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 Review: Goku vs Arale

by Damian Seeto


The comedy episodes continue in Dragon Ball Super. Episode 69 shouldn’t be taken too seriously, although some fans might not like it.

If you are unfamiliar with the Dr Slump manga, this entire episode will go over your head. Dr Slump is a manga also made by Akira Toriyama and it’s pure comedy.

Before I talk about the recap, let’s just say this entire episode is a gag. It even breaks the 4th wall many times so don’t worry if you thought Vegeta looked really weak here. Although die-hard Vegeta fans might still hate it, but this is a filler joke episode anyway.

The episode starts off with a beginning introducing us to the character of Arale. She’s a happy little girl, although she is a robot with lots of power.

The episode then shows us a different side to Goku. He has used gel on his hair and has taken a part time job as a security guard. Hercule helped him get the job at the request of Chi Chi.


Goku is pretty lazy and doesn’t feel like working. We see him walk away from the job and he sleeps on the grass nearby. At least Goku takes his farming job more seriously…

Goku was there to guard the World Invention Awards. These awards are hosted by Hercule and Bulma and her family are there in the audience. Yes, this includes both Trunks and Vegeta.

It’s worth mentioning that Dragon Ball Super did not take a time skip. Some people saw the episode preview and thought Trunks was older. He’s still a kid so this episode doesn’t take place in the far future.

While Hercule is hosting the awards, a character by the name of Dr. Senbei is presenting an invention of a robot that can produce anything you want. As this is happening, he is interrupted by Dr. Mashiroto.

Mashiroto died in the Dr. Slump comics and Senbei even mentions this in the episode. This episode is like Deadpool where they know they are made up characters in a fictional universe.


Mashiroto is a ghost and has given Arale a special vitamin/drug making her got a little hyperactive. This causes Vegeta to step in to try and stop her from inadvertently destroying the world.

This is where things go south for Vegeta fans. Vegeta himself knows he’s fighting a gag character, but he’s no match for her. He gets beaten quite easily and is never seen again until the very end of the episode.

Goku has to step in and take over. He doesn’t recognize Arale at first but then he remembers her. Arale was featured in Dragon Ball during the Colonel Blue saga. The two have a light show battle as Arale takes on the Kamehameha. Things get more dangerous when she wants Goku to up his power ten times more.

The others say they need to get rid of Dr. Mashiroto in order to make Arale normal again. Bulma comes up with a plan to wish for the most delicious thing on Earth so Beerus comes. She uses the robot that can produce anything.

The robot makes a brown round pill that is supposed to have all the great tastes of the world. Whis and Beerus arrive on Earth and Dr. Mashiroto is annoyed he’s being interrupted. The ever powerful Beerus gets rid of him with ease. Even if you are a ghost, you’re nothing compared to a God.


Arale interrupts Beerus, and he’s about to blast her. However, the round pill he ate is giving him a stomach ache and he needs to go to the toilet fast. Him and Whis then leave to go back home.

All the characters are happy that Arale is back to normal and the Earth is safe. Bulma forgets that Vegeta is no longer there. The episode ends with Vegeta vowing to never fight a gag character ever again.

You’re allowed to dislike this episode of Dragon Ball Super since it’s just filler. Don’t expect next week to be any different as it’s another comedy episode. This time, it’s Universe 6 vs Universe 7 in a game of baseball. The next proper saga doesn’t start until episode 71.

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