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Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 Review: Universe 7 vs Universe 6 In Baseball

by Damian Seeto


Episode 70 is the best of the “filler” content of Dragon Ball Super. The episode is very fun and entertaining since we’ve never seen the Z fighters play a sport before.

Before I start the recap, I must say I appreciate how charismatic the Dragon Ball characters have become. It has one of the largest casts out there, but sadly not all of the characters have the time to shine in the main story arcs.

Here in this episode, it’s cool to see the gang just socializing again. Not to mention the Universe 6 characters are pretty cool here too. Champa is always humorous as he’s always thinking about food.

Anyway, it’s Champa’s idea to play a “friendly” match of baseball with Beerus on Earth. His motivation is to simply steal all of Universe 7’s great food. He doesn’t even know the rules of baseball.

Champa is not the only one that is clueless about the rules. Every other character has never played baseball before as well. Only Yamcha knows baseball inside and out. Gohan has actually played baseball before, although he’s not as athletic as he used to be.


The Universe 7 team has Beerus as coach and Yamcha as the captain. The other members include Piccolo, Gohan, Kid Trunks, Krillin and Goku.

The Universe 6 team is funnier. It includes Champa, Cabba, Botamo. Magetta, and even Goten and Vegeta. Goku asks why they are there and where is Hit. They needed Goten and Vegeta to even the numbers. As for Hit, Champa says he’s a pain in the butt to get a hold of. He’s likely only to show up if it involves fighting or lots of money…

The Dragon Ball ladies are all watching. Bulma says something funny and mentions baseball is the only thing Yamcha good at. Android 18 mentions that he’s given up martial arts in favor of baseball.

The first person to bat is Champa. Vados and Whis state that the rules won’t allow them to use any destructive power. If they do, they’re all disqualified. Goku needs to pitch to Champa.

Goku gets bad advice from Beerus who says to pitch really hard. Goku uses his Super Saiyan Blue power and pitches a really fast ball. This nearly kills Gohan and destroys the plate. Goku gets a warning as the plate gets fixed.


Goku then pitches a very slow ball that makes everyone fall asleep. Champa manages to hit it, but it’s a foul. Goku then goes for a normal pitch and Champa thinks he gets a home run. Unfortunately for him, Trunks catches him out.

Yamcha is next to pitch since Goku is bad at throwing the ball. He uses his special wolf gang fist technique to get power on his pitch. Yamcha is really good as he strikes out Botamo. He even strikes out Cabba after that.

Bulma is impressed with Yamcha for the first time in many years. Puar is also happy, although he’s pretty much the only friend that Yamcha has.

It’s now Universe 7’s time to bat, but Yamcha has to face Vegeta who is pitching the ball. Vegeta is notorious and pitches the ball to Yamcha’s mid-section. It hurts Yamcha, but this grants him a walk to first base. Both Goku and Vegeta are bewildered to know that baseball is not a sport where you hurt your opponent.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta is up next. Vegeta uses a lot of power to try and strike Goku out. As this is happening, Yamcha goes to try and steal a base. Champa and Vegeta hit Yamcha, but he ends up being safe. Goku hit the ball but it was caught by Botamo so he’s out.


Gohan is up next to bat and Piccolo gives him advice. He knows that Magetta cannot fly so he tells Gohan to aim to him. Gohan hits the ball and runs to first base but gets caught. Yamcha manages to get onto another base, despite nearly “dying”.

At this point of the game, Champa and Beerus start arguing and fighting. The whole world is in turmoil as Whis and Vados protect the others. Everyone crowds around Goku as he says he could transport them to safety.

Before any more harm is done, Vados and Champa stop the fight. They say it’s taboo for gods to fight. They stop the baseball match too. Champa thinks it’s a draw, but Universe 7 actually wins by scoring one point.

Dragon Ball Z fans will love the reference here. Yamcha made it to home base in the same pose he made when he died by Saibaman that blew up him ages ago. Universe 7 wins the baseball match and everyone celebrates Yamcha being useful again.

Dragon Ball Super episode 70 was highly entertaining because it’s worth watching for all of the jokes. It’s better than last week’s episode since not everyone is familiar with Dr. Slump. Next week of Dragon Ball Super is episode 71 and this will kick off the new story arc involving Hit!

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