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Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 Review: Does Hit Kill Goku?

by Damian Seeto


The comedy episodes of Dragon Ball Super have now ended. Now we enter a very dark episode with Hit out to kill Goku. Is he successful in his mission?

We find out that Goku is acting very strangely lately and both Goten and Chi Chi are concerned. He’s lost his appetite and has been on edge ever since.

Goku gets some food for the family at the mall, but he is still acting weird. Goten tells Gohan and they stalk him. It’s funny to mention that Goten now hates the Great Saiyaman disguise. He used to like it back when he was younger.

Goku doesn’t even know where he is going and Bulma crashes into him with her car. Due to his panicky behavior, he dodges a punch from Bulma. Goten and Gohan find this strange because he usually let’s her punch him. Goten and Gohan approach him and Gohan invites him to dinner at his place to help him relax.

Vegeta on the other hand is not on Earth as he is training with Whis. Beerus is annoyed that Vegeta is the only one training and wants to know where Goku is. The Universe tournament draws near and Beerus wants Goku to lead the team.

Vegeta suspects Whis knows where Goku is, but he isn’t telling him. Vegeta is a bit jealous that Beerus calls Goku the strongest Universe 7 fighter so he trains harder with Whis.

Later in the episode, we are at Universe 6 and Hit is in a rainy city. We learn that Frost is a fugitive and is on the run, although Hit is hired to kill someone else. He manages to kill a blue mob boss with just one punch. He’s told his next target is Goku.

Goku on the other hand is at Gohan’s house and he actually eats a lot of food. It appears he has his appetite back. After dinner, he senses Hit is coming so he flies away to try and fight him one-on-one.


Gohan tells Piccolo what is going on. They know Hit is going to kill Goku. Gohan, Goten and Piccolo are concerned so they try and find where Goku will be.

Goku lands where nobody is around and he tries to locate where Hit is. Hit is a very skillful hitman and manages to sneak behind Goku. However, he doesn’t kill Goku from behind.

Goku is a bit cocky and tells Hit that he knows how to counter attack his “time skip” technique. Hit warns Goku that he should just disappear so that he can call the assassination attempt off. Goku is defiant and turns Super Saiyan Blue. He doesn’t want to just “disappear” without a fight. Not to mention Goku likes being on Earth with his family.

Goku doesn’t realize that Hit has a new technique where he can kill someone with one punch. This one punch can stop the heart instantly. Well, Hit uses this technique on Goku and Goku actually dies! The last thing Goku does is shoot out a Ki blast at the sky.

Hit disappears and Piccolo, Gohan and Goten appear. Gohan confirms that Goku has died. Goten cries “father” and episode 71 of Dragon Ball Super comes to an end .Goku is dead, although does his death last very long? You’ll have to find out next week when Dragon Ball Super airs on Christmas Day.

Overall this episode was suspenseful and a change of pace from the comedy episodes. Not to mention it’s great to see how powerful the character of Hit has become. Several people have tried to kill Goku and Hit does it easily with one punch!

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