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Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Official Comic-Con Trailer Brings All The Hype

by Dean James


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases next March and while Man of Steel started the DC Cinematic Universe, this is the film that will take it to another level. We got a teaser trailer earlier this year, but Comic-Con got a much better trailer that was surprisingly released officially.

This new trailer is absolutely incredible, blowing the previous one out of the water in every way. It shows Henry Cavill’s Superman bring brought in front of people for what happened in Man of Steel, one of the biggest complaints by many for that movie.

We also see Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne a good bit, including flashbacks of him from during the attack on Metropolis. The most chilling scene may be when Bruce Wayne is standing on the streets and watching the destruction caused by when Zod is using his heat vision and Superman has to kill him.

The trailer also gives us our first looks at Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in action as well, which I have to say looks absolutely perfect for the role. There were early criticisms about her casting, but I can’t imagine her looking much better on film than this.

Wonder Woman isn’t the only person we get a first look at either, as Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor also makes his debut in the trailer. The hair is interesting, but we know he’s really bald or will become bald based on the promo image released prior. He seems intimidating in an intellectual way, which is just what Lex should be.

Maybe the best thing about the trailer is that we have glorious color, moving away from the muted look of Man of Steel that the first trailer seemed to hint would be back. We still have many months until this releases, but the hype train is in full effect after this phenomenal trailer.

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