Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 Review: Vegeta And Goku Are Back To The Future

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 63 was on this week and Goku and Vegeta have to travel back to the future in order to help out Future Trunks.

If you remember from last week, Goku learned the Mafuba which is a technique that allows him to imprison evil beings. Vegeta does his own training and the two are set to leave to go back inside the time machine to save Future Trunks.

Speaking of Future Trunks, he has passed out and has been given a Senzu Bean by Yajirobe. There was a funny moment here as Future Trunks thought Yajirobe gave the Senzu Bean to him by kissing him. Anyway, he tells Future Trunks that Mai has located Black Goku’s hideout.

Mai has a plan to kill Black Goku from afar with a special sniper rifle bullet. She says this bullet is very strong and should be enough to kill Black Goku. As this is happening, Future Trunks is flying to her hoping she doesn’t do anything rash.


As Black Goku is having tea with Future Zamasu, Mai shoots him in the head. Sadly, the bullet does nothing to him. All it did was rattle his earring. Mai and her troopers have to retreat. Black Goku is about to get some revenge!

Luckily, Future Trunks comes to the rescue and saves them from being blasted. Black Goku thinks Future Trunks is immortal. He doesn’t know that Senzu Beans exist. Mai and the troops leave while Future Trunks battles the evil duo by himself.

This Dragon Ball Super episode gets better once Future Trunks powers up as his Super Saiyan form again. The fight between the trio is on. From this point onward, there is a lot of great fighting going on. It’s a lot more exciting compared to last week’s episode.

Future Trunks uses all of his energy on Black Goku thinking that he has killed him. He now has to deal with the immortal Future Zamasu. There’s nothing he can really do against him because he cannot be killed. Again, there is a lot of great action here for you to watch.


Things get pretty ugly as Black Goku now enters the fight. He stabs Future Trunks from behind using his laser sword technique. Thankfully, just as Future Trunks is down, Goku, Vegeta and Bulma are back with the time machine.

Black Goku does something he should have done a long time ago. He finally destroys the Time Machine. There’s no way for the heroes to jump back to the present for the time being.

Mai helps out Future Trunks. Luckily she was there because he was dying. There’s another funny moment in this Dragon Ball Super episode as Vegeta and Goku don’t know where the urn is. They need the urn in order to defeat the immortal Future Zamasu. Goku says he left it in the Time Machine.

Before the four can fight, Gowasu (from the present) uses a time ring to visit everyone. This is the same Gowasu that is still alive. The Supreme Kai is also there with him. The Future Zamasu is laughing since he killed his master ages ago.


Gowasu is corrected as Black Goku is the one that was his student. The evil pair try and kill off Gowasu again, but Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Goku save the day.

Vegeta decides to take on Black Goku while Goku takes on Future Zamasu. The Supreme Kai and Gowasu decide to stay to see how things conclude. The fight commences and it doesn’t disappoint. Vegeta has gained a lot of strength since the last fight. Goku is also confident in beating the Future Zamasu too.

Luckily, Bulma comes prepared and is working towards building a new Time Machine to get back home. She is reunited with Future Trunks and Mai. She tells them that they need to fix the urn (which is broken) to seal the bad guys. Future Trunks has to glue the pieces together.

Vegeta gives Black Goku a good pounding. He says only Goku is able to use his own body to the fullest. He says stealing a body doesn’t make you strong and that’s the end of this week’s Dragon Ball Super episode. Next week it’s episode 64 and the fight continues. Stay tuned as always for our weekly reviews!

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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