Star Wars The Force Awakens Toy Teases Stormtrooper Details

by Dean James


Star Wars The Force Awakens finally arrives this December in theaters with a mixed cast of returning and new characters. We’ve already seen that Stormtroopers are returning yet again, but now we may know a little more about why they are still around.

Stormtroopers were one of the first things we ever saw in the Star Wars universe and have remained an iconic aspect of the franchise ever since. We only got Clone Troopers in the prequels, but Stormtroopers are back yet again in Star Wars The Force Awakens, including one of the leads, John Boyega, being one of them.

Prior to now, we knew absolutely nothing about their return in The Force Awakens, but some very vague details were revealed through one of the Stormtrooper toys that will be available early at San Diego Comic-Con next month, prior to the September launch.

IGN’s Eric Goldman posted the description from the toy on his Twitter, which mentions a rise of what is known as the First Order, which is included in the name of the toy as well. The First Order appears to be who took over after the fall of the Empire in some fashion.

The description doesn’t give us too much to go on, but it does confirm that the First Order is something new and now just a name a segment of the Stormtroopers went by in the past that we did not know about. With a movie as secretive as Star Wars The Force Awakens though, we’ll take any tiny bit of info that we can possibly get.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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