Does Pokemon Let’s Go Have Online?

by AOTF Staff

Yes, Pokemon Let’s Go does have online features.  There are trading and battling features in Pokemon Let’s Go that can be accessed between friends on the same Wi-fi network or across the internet.  Friends who want to link up for trading or battles must share a friend link password in the game and both enter that password to connect with each other.  This can be done on either of the aforementioned methods.  If you want to connect via the internet, you must have a Nintendo Switch Online account.

Quick Answer: Yes

To connect with friends in Pokemon Let’s Go you’ll need to head into the game’s menu by pressing the X button while playing.  From there you will select the Play With Others option.  After that you’ll be asked what you would like to do, whether you want to do a single battle, double battle, or link trade.  Depending on which online option you would like to use, you can select it from here and then take the steps to link up with your friends.

Trading allows players to swap Pokemon with each other and complete their Pokemon collection regardless of which version of the game that you purchase.  Single Battle will allow players to battle one versus one with their Pokemon Parties.  Double Battle is a little different than single battle in that you have two Pokemon fighting against two other Pokemon though it is one trainer versus one.

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2018