Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide: How to Get New Clothes & Change Appearance

by William Schwartz


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp gives you a number of different ways to change your appearance including the ability to buy new clothes and make changes to the way that your camper looks.  Starting out you can select a number of different options for your character, this includes whether you’re male or female, your eye shape, and hair.

How to Change Your Appearance in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Let’s say you aren’t happy with the appearance that you selected to start the game.  If that’s the case, there’s a feature in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp that will allow you to change the way you look.  In the bottom right corner of your mobile device you will have a more button with four squares in it.  Tap this button and then select the Settings Options (It has a wrench icon).  In this settings menu you can choose “Edit Character.”

By clicking on the Edit Character button you’ll be brought to another screen that will allow you to customize your hairstyle, eyes, and hair color.  You cannot change your gender from here.

Choosing a Random Style

If you want to let Nintendo select the way that your character looks you can also press the button at the top of the screen in the character customization area and this will give you a random appearance.

How to Change Your Clothes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

There are a number of different ways to change your clothes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.  You can earn new clothes by completing tasks and getting rewards.  You can purchase clothes from different vendors, and you’ll also notice that there is an option craft clothing in the crafting menu.  Currently this feature is locked, but later players will be able to craft clothing items in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

There are numerous ways to purchase clothing.  The first is to visit the Market Place.  Here there are multiple vendors that will sell you different items, but the Able Sisters will be your go to spot for different clothes.  Mabel will sell you different shirts to wear and each shop will change what items they are selling periodically.  You can purchase these clothing items with Bells.

The second way to purchase clothing is by running into other Animal Crossing Pocket Camp players and examining their Market Box.  If they have a clothing item for sale in their Market Box you can purchase it for the asking price.

Equipping New Clothing in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

To equip new clothing for your character you’ll need to head to the items tab at the bottom left of your screen.  Select the icon that looks like a shirt, and this will open your My Clothes tab.  From here you can view all of the different clothes that you own and can select which items to wear.  These can also be sorted by Tops, Shoes, and Socks.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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