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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide: How to Get K.K. Slider to Come to Your Camp

by William Schwartz


The lovable K.K. Slider is in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and you can get them to come to your camp if you craft one of the limited time items in the game.  Here’s how to get K.K. Slider to show up at your campsite and put on a show for your friends.

Within the Crafting Menu there are a couple of limited time items for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp that you can only craft with Leaf Tickets.  In the Crafting Section with the leaf on it, you’ll see two options for exclusive items.  If you want K.K. Slider to come to your camp, you’ll need to purchase the K.K. Slider chair for 250 Leaf Tickets.

Place it in your campsite and K.K. Slider will come to visit and play the guitar.  The upgrade doesn’t do much else for you other than having this popular character at your campsite so the price for this item is a little steep if you ask us.

Regardless, it’s unclear just how long this upgrade is going to be available as it’s only for a limited time.

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