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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide: How to Get Tom Nook To Come To Your Camp

by William Schwartz


The infamous Tom Nook is in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and you can get him to come to your camp if you’re willing to spend some of your hard-earned Leaf Tickets to do so.  Here’s how to get Tom Nook to show up at your campsite.

There are a couple of limited time items that are available from Cyrus in the crafting store that can only be crafted with Leaf Tickets.  In the Crafting Section select the icon with a leaf on it, and you’ll see two options one for K.K. Sliders chair and one for Tom Nook’s chair.

Purchase Tom Nook’s chair and place it in your campsite.  Doing this will have Tom Nook show up at your campsite.  So what’s Tom Nook do while he’s in your campsite.  Well, all he does is sleep from what we’ve seen and offers no benefit to you in terms of gifts or progression.

The 250 Leaf Ticket price is a little steep for this purely cosmetic upgrade to your campsite, unless you’re a huge Tom Nook fan.

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