Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Leaf Tickets

by William Schwartz


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp isn’t all about Bells anymore.  The currency that’s been used in previous games in the series isn’t the only one you’ll need to perform certain actions in the game. You’ll also need something called Leaf Tickets.  This secondary currency allows you to do things in the game like speed up timers and perform special actions that might take longer to do manually.  While the game does give you plenty of opportunity to earn Leaf Tickets without spending extra cash, there are many areas in the game where you’ll need these tickets to perform different actions.

What do you do with Leaf Tickets?

There are plenty of things in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp that require the use of Leaf Tickets.  You can expand multiple inventory areas with Leaf Tickets, like expanding your Market Box inventory slots, crafting items that you don’t have the necessary crafting parts for, speeding up this crafting time and opening more crafting slots, entering the Quarry or performing actions that give you a better chance at more/better items in each location via fishing nets or honey pots.  If you’re looking to play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp without spending any additional money, you’ll need to be careful about what you spend you choose to spend your Leaf Tickets on or you’re going to hit progression roadblocks.   Now that we know what they’re used for, how do we get them?

So how do you get Leaf Tickets?

Leaf Tickets are earned in game through a number of different ways.  The best way to get Leaf Tickets is by completing the various goals that are set for you to achieve.  If you ever want to check these goals you can click on the K.K. Slider icon on the right of the screen that will show you both timed goals and stretch goals for you to achieve.  These goals will allow you to earn bunches of Leaf Tickets.  On the left hand side of these lists you be able to see the rewards associated with the task.  Simply put, if you’re looking for Leaf Tickets, complete the goals that reward you with Leaf Tickets.  Most importantly here is to keep track of the goals that you complete as you need to redeem these rewards and they are not automatically added to your inventory.

You’ll also earn Leaf Tickets by ranking up in the game.  As you complete requests for different animals in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, your level will increase, at each level you’ll receive Leaf Ticket and Bell rewards.  The contacts that you make in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp also have a level associated with them and will increase as you perform tasks for them and ultimately invite them to your camp.  These tasks can sometimes also earn you Leaf Tickets and when you hit progression milestones with certain characters they’ll gift you tickets as well.

Just playing the game and completing the tasks should give you plenty of Leaf Tickets.  A method of farming leaf tickets has yet to be discovered, and since its the core real money maker for Nintendo it’s unlikely that there will be one.

If all else fails you can buy them

If you’re really having trouble with Leaf Tickets the last resort is to buy them with real world cash.  In the four square options menu on the bottom of the screen there is a Leaf Ticket icon.  If you press that Nintendo has a number of different denominations in which Leaf Tickets can be purchased ranging from smaller transactions that start at $0.99 that go all the way up to $39.99 for a bundle.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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