Animal Crossing Pocket Guide: How to Fish & Where to Catch Them

by William Schwartz


In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp one of the activities that you can do is fishing.  When you’re in an area that you can fish, you’ll automatically be given a fishing pole and then you must perform a few different actions to catch a fish.  This guide will show you the easiest way to catch fish in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

First you must cast your line by tapping on the surface of the water with your finger.  If you look in the water you’ll see the outline of a fish, try to tap near the fish for best results.  If you place the fishing lure where a fish can see it you’ll see the fish start to nibble on the line.

When the fish has been hooked by the lure an exclamation point will pop up.  At that point you’ll want to tap on the screen as quickly as possible for the best chance to reel them in.  If you’re successful the fish will pop out of the water and into your character’s hand telling you what type of fish you have caught.

If you are near water and don’t see any fish on the screen, you can try walking around or back and forth to try and make more fish appear.

Fish can be given to Jay to fulfill his initial request at the Saltwater Shores, but there are other places in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp where you can fish.  You can also try fishing at the Lost Lure Creek.

You can also use throw nets to fish as well.  You’ll find throw nets on piers that allow you to catch fish and shells at the same time.  Though throw nets function somewhat differently than just fishing with your fishing pole.  You can use a throw net if there is one a pier, but there’s not, you’ll need to purchase one with Leaf Tickets.  You can purchase medium or large throw nets that will have different contents depending on which one you use.

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