Far Cry 5 How to Get Resistance Points


In Far Cry 5 each region of the game is led by a Cult leader.  As you perform actions in the world there is a Resistance Meter that build through multiple tiers.  This Resistance meter not only allows you to measure your progress in the region, but it also signals the difficulty level increasing in the region.

Each of the three cult leaders in Far Cry 5 have their own Resistance Meter.  As you disrupt the cult activities in each region, the Resistance Meter rises.  This gets you closer to a final confrontation with the boss of the region, and will also make these parts of the map more chaotic and challenging.

Each region has unique opportunities to raise your resistance meter.  Completing Story Missions, Disrupting Cult Activities like looting supply trucks, killing cult VIPs, liberating outposts, and destroying varying structures will all earn you Resistance Points.

Some activities are better than others for earning more Resistance Points.  Story Missions will give you the most Resistance Points for completing them at 600 points per mission.  Liberating sections of the map through Outpost Missions will give the second most bang for your buck at 400 points per mission.  These two mission types are in limited supply, so you’ll need to round up the rest of the points by doing the other optional side quests which can range between 100 – 200 points per mission.  Other activities like disrupting cult activities or killing VIPs will range between 50 – 100 points per completion.

In the Holland Valley Region (John’s Region),  players can blow up Silos for 100 points each.  In Henbane River (Faith’s Region) players can blow-up Shrines for Resistance Points.  In the Whitetail Mountain Region (Jacob’s Region), players can destroy Wolf Beacons.

After filling the Resistance Meter in each region a boss fight will be unlocked.  After completing all three regions a final confrontation with Joseph Seed is triggered which allows you to head back to the Cult Compound island.  This area does not feature a Resistance Meter to access the final boss fight in Far Cry 5.

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