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God of War: All Weapon Upgrades & Special Moves List

Every Special Skill move for Kratos and Atreus in God of War

by William Schwartz


The new God of War has a unique upgrade path in the game that is very different from other God of War games.  Kratos will use less weapons than previous games, but there are large skill trees for the Leviathan Axe, Guardian Shield, Spartan Rage Powers, and Blades of Chaos.  Atreus also has a unique set of moves that can be upgraded for his bow and arrow attacks.  Players will use XP earned from defeating enemies in the game and completing different tasks to unlock these powerful moves.  Below you’ll find a list of all the Skills for all the weapons in the new God of War for Kratos and Atreus

Leviathan Axe (Kratos)

Ranged Combat

Freezing Throw – Aim and press R2 for a freeze attack which freezes smaller enemies and damages all enemies
Freezing Burst – Aim and Hold R2 for a charging attack that causes an explosion impact with Frost Damage
Precision Throw Combo – After landing a throw attack to weak points or head, press triangle during Axe recall to get explosing attack on next throw
Hunter – Killer I – Aim and Hold R1 to select 3 targets on a single enemy or 3 different enemy targets
Precision Frost Burst – Precision throw causes big explosion on impact
Hunter – Killer II – Increases the targets from Hunter Killer I from 3 to 5
Returning Whirlwind – When barehanded press R1 to recall Axe and perform spinning attack
Hunter – Killer III – Increases targets from 5 – 8
Returning Storm – While barehanded press R2 to recall Axe and perform slam attack

Close Combat

Executioner’s Cleave – Hold R2 for cleave attack for high damage
Grinding Storm – Hold R1 for axe attack that hits enemies multiple times
Pride of the Frost – Attack finisher:  Press R1, R1, R1, R2
Frost Rush – While sprinting press R1 for leaping attack
Permafrost – Attack without being hit to inflict Frost damage
Whirling Storm – While using evasion moves hold Left Stick forward and press R1 for a quick attack
Leviathan’s Fury – While sprinting press R2 for a powerful attack
Glacial Permafrost – Increases permafrost on each hit
Evasive Storm – While using evasion moves hold Left Stick back and press R1 for boomerang throw
Whirlwind Step – Allows Kratos to Switch stances after attack, press R1 to use sweeping attack after stance change
Double Whirlwind – Unlocks a second attack in the whirlwind step attack
Raging Whirlwind – Unlocks a third attack in the whirwind step attack
Whirlwind Throw – Instead of R1 use R2 after switching stance in the Whirlwind Step for a ranged attack
Whirlwind Fury – After switching stances in whirlwind step, press R2, R2 for a heavy combo

Guardian Shield (Kratos)

Shield Combat

Block Break – Double tap L1 to break enemy block
Guardian Sweep – When barehanded hold R1 to sweep the leg
Agile Strike – When barehanded and evading hold Left Stick forward and press R1 to attack
Guardian’s Justice – While barehanded hold R2 for shield slam that stuns and damages
Countering Strike – Press R1 after a last-second block
Haymaker Crush – When sprinting barehanded press R1 for a running punch
Countering Crush – Press R2 after a block to counter with shield slam
Guardian’s Judgement – Press R2 After Guardian’s Justice to add a second blast to the attack
Shoulder Barrage – While sprinting and barehanded press R2 for a powerful shoulder ram
Guardian’s Revenge – Switch stances by pausing after an attack while barehanded then press R1 and then R1 again
Countering Blast – Block projectile at the last moment and fire it back at an enemy
Guardian’s Fury – Modifier of Guardian’s revenge but you press R2 and then R1 for two successive attacks.

Spartan Rage Powers (Kratos)

Rage Combat

Fury Strike – Press R1 for a dashing punch
Fury Drive – Hold R1 for powerful haymaker punch
Fury Beatdown – Continue pressing R1 after Fury Strike
Spartan Stomp – Press L1 to do a quick stomp that disrupts nearby enemies
Spartan Surge – Hold L1 to do a powerful charged stomp that can send enemies airborne
Raging Smash – Press R2 for a leaping slam attack
Raging Ultimatum – Hold R2 for a more powerful Raging Smash Attack with wider AOE.
Seething Earth – Press L2 to pick up a boulder to throw at enemies

Blades of Chaos (Kratos)

Melee Combat 

Rushing Chaos – While sprinting press R1 to do a double slash
Rising Fury – Hold R2 to perform slam attack that launches enemies
Plume of Chaos – Press R2 during light attack combo for heavy finishing move
Whirling Chaos – Hold R1 for a powerful attack that hits multiple enemies
Chaos Slam – While sprinting press R2 for chain slam attack
Spinning Chaos Strike – While evading hold Left Thumbstick Forward and press R1 for leaping attack
Retreating Slash – While evading hold Left Thumbstick Back and press R1 for large radius attack

Elemental Combat

Spear of Chaos – While aiming with L2 press R1 to impale enemies and yank them towards you
Immolation – Land attacks in succession without being hit to power up Blades and increase Burn damage
Elemental Slash – Aiming with L2 press R2 to do a sweeping Burn attack
Furious Immolation – Increases immolation gained on every hit
Elemental Surge – After impaling hold R1 to send elemental attack on enemy
Elemental Charge – Aim and the hold R2 for charged Burn damage
Elemental Explosion – Increase size and damage for Elemental Surge increased Burn damage

Talon Bow (Atreus)

Magic Combat

Weaken Potency – Light Arrows increase weaken status on enemies
Explosive Power – Light Arrows cause larger explosions
Light Potency I – Light Arrows inflict more Stun damage
Light Potency II – Light Arrows inflict even more Stun damage
Shock Potency I – Shock Arrows inflict more Shock damage
Shock Potency II – Shock Arrows inflict even more Shock damage
Lasting Shock – Shock duration increases
Shock Conduit – Shock damage is chained between enemies
Pure Light – Light Arrow explosions inflict Stun damage
Power Overload – Shock chains to more enemies

Expert Combat 

Teamwork – Atreus will help when enemies are vulnerable
Acrobatics – Atreus can combo off of Kratos attacks
Ferocity – Atreus can perform Stun attacks when enemies are near
Atreus Power I – Increase arrow damage and melee damage
Atreus Power II – Further damage increase for arrows and melee
Atreus Power III – Max damage for arrows and melee
Dexterous Shot I – Increase arrow fire rate
Dexterous Shot II – Increased arrow fire rate
Dexterous Shot III – Max fire rate for arrows

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