How to Get Rid of Voyages in Sea of Thieves

This trick will allow you to get rid of specific voyages to clear up space in your inventory.


In Sea of Thieves there are numerous voyages that you can take on in your adventures as a pirate.  Three different factions in the game will allow you to purchase these voyages and they’ll send you on various missions that you can go on.  When purchasing a voyage you’ll find that there’s only a limited amount of space in your inventory for these voyages, and getting rid of them isn’t as simple as just removing them from your inventory.  Perhaps it was an oversight by Rare, but for now there’s a simple work-around to get rid of Voyages in Sea of Thieves.

To abandon voyages in Sea of Thieves, you’ll need to head to your boat and use this simple trick to start clearing space in your voyage inventory.

Head over to the captain’s quarters of the boat and simply propose the voyage that you’d like to get rid of.  If you’re by yourself this is an easy process.  Just propose the voyage and accept it.  Right after you accept the voyage you can then access the quest table once again to cancel the voyage.  This will remove it from your inventory and free up space for others.

You don’t really need to be out on a mission to do this.  You can simply do this while the boat is docked, and once you do, you’ll be free to head back into talk with the quest givers to get voyages for your inventory that you DO want to take on.  As the best way to level-up in Sea of Thieves is to take on level appropriate voyages, this method can be used to get higher level voyages that will give you better rewards.

This will help you get more gold by doing higher rank missions, offer you better rewards, and help you on the way to becoming a legendary pirate.

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