NBA 2K19 How to Double Team

Lockdown defensive pressure by calling a teammate for help.

by AOTF Staff

Double teaming a player is the best way to try and stop them from scoring in real basketball.  Double team in NBA 2K19 is an equally viable strategy if you want to try and stop someone from scoring.  Calling for a double team in NBA 2K19 will call another defender to the one that you are defending with a player.

How to Call for Double Team NBA 2K19

  • Hold LB Button (Xbox)
  • Hold L1 Button (PlayStation)

This can be done by pressing and holding the LB Button (Xbox) or L1 Button (PlayStation). Once you press and hold the button while on defense a player that you are not controlling will come to help you defend the player who has the ball.

It should be noted that when calling for a double team you will leave another person open, sometimes for an easy basket at the hoop or for an uncontested shot.  Double Team in NBA 2K19 should be used when there is a good opportunity to trap the offensive player and potentially steal the ball.