Spider-Man PS4 How to Get Base Tokens

Earn Base Tokens for beating up baddies.

by AOTF Staff

Base Tokens in Spider-Man PS4 are earned through completing and clearing out different bases in the New York City open world map.  Completing these missions will reward you with Base Tokens that can then be used to unlock different suits for Spider-Man, purchase Suit Mods, and upgrade Spider-Man’s different gadgets.

Like other tokens, Base Tokens are earned by infiltrating enemy bases which house Fisk Hideouts, Prisoner Camps, Sable Outposts, and Demon Hideouts.  What you’ll need to do is go to these  outposts and clear out the enemies.  These missions can be found on the open world map and are pink or red in color and will look like a barbed wire for Prisoner Camps, a demon mask for Demon Warehouses, an S for Sable Outpost, and a crown for Fisk Hideouts.

Depending on the icon, you’ll kind of know what types of enemies you’ll be facing when you get there so you can plan accordingly.  Each of these missions has varying bonus objectives that can also be completed while doing the mission.

Doing the Base Missions in Spider-Man is largely focused on the combat aspects of the game.  So long as you clear out the base you will earn the three tokens for doing so.  You can do this in any way you see fit, but pay attention to the bonus objectives if you want other rewards.  You can see how many Base Tokens you currently have by looking at the bottom left hand of the map screen next to the pink flag icon.

Once you’ve earned your tokens you can then use them to upgrade gadgets, suit powers, and unlock new suits to use.