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24-Player DOTA 2 Set to Arrive With DOTA 2 Reborn

by William Schwartz


Tonight at the International 5, and All-Star DOTA 2 match took place which showcased a brand new game mode for the MOBA.  24-player matches will be available via custom game modes in DOTA 2 Reborn.  The current player cap in DOTA 2 is 10, and this upgrade is likely attributable to Source 2.

DOTA 2 Reborn is slated to launch just after the International Tournament, which concludes on Saturday.

The action on screen was chaotic with the increased player count.  Teams stacked with pros and amateurs were racking up kills left and right in the event that capped off a day of tournament play.

The pros still have two days to stake their claim on over 18 million dollars in prize money at the tournament.  While some fans expected Valve to reveal a new hero this year, much like they did with Techies, they did not.  With two days to go it’s still unclear whether a new hero is still in the cards.

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