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Did Activision let fans down with Call of Duty: Elite?

| April 26, 2012

Did Activision let fans down with Call of Duty: Elite? News  Call of Duty: Elite Activision

Call of Duty: Elite’s launch did not go as smoothly as anticpated for Activision when it launched alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 last November.  A because of the bungled launch, Activision believes that it pissed off quite a few fans in the process.

As you can imagine with selling so many copies of the game, and so many subscriptions to Call of Duty: Elite, there was a server overload of massive proportions.  That being said, there was a long rough patch for the game’s supplemental stat-tracking and other functionality in Elite, before it actually became fully functional.  It’s still a work in progress, obviously, Beachhead is still updating the service with new content and functionality.

From a sales perspective, Call of Duty: Elite is a runaway hit for Activision.  They get fan money up front for content that they’ll deliver in the future, and it’s not a bad deal for consumers either.  Alot of the functionalities that were touted in its promotion have yet to really pan out the way you would think.  Competitions have been sparse, Clan functionality has just gotten started, and Neo Nazi propaganda has been showing up on the service.  To say that Activision has something to prove from a quality standpoint, is an understatement.

“We still have to prove ourselves, Activision’s Noah Heller told MCV in a recent interview.  “There’s alot of people we pissed off all the way back to November, and we have to show them we are not going to let that happen again.  But we have to start fulfilling our promises and people are starting to get it is real value for the money.”

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  • $25193756

    off course it did, 

  • i wont be buying it next year….. that is unless blops 2 (after out for a couple months) proves worthy

  • njb

    So at the moment its nothing like activision advertised it as.

    U basically have payed in advance for dlc. I still cant believe Clans functionality is poor in COD. most ppl do it through other sites or themselves. And the stat tracking is free with most games.

    TBH acitivision could get away with not making elite better or add features they said it would have because some fans are madly in love with COD and some ppl will pay the fee. Ppl have gone mad for the same game year after year.

  • AVenger

    All the Clan ops are for Core players. The new maps you get early access to are only playable in a HC mosh pit rather than game specific as Core is. Why the slant against those of us who play HC?
    I’m really disappointed so far.

  • Boz

    You will never see COD of any type on my list again. Not worth 100 boners for a multiplayer game only. Especially with the twelve year old who goes running around killing their own team mates and thinks its funny.

    • Brevs

      1. CoD is known for their remarkable campaign and story line. 

      2. The past few Call of Duty games had ricochet on so they wouldn’t be team killing. Nice try though

      • Brodo789

        Did you just say cod is known for it’s remarkable storyline? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Boz

       Just proves how long its been since I have banned COD from list of games. Still not worth 4 hrs of single player.

  • Liammaddenmarzello

    Yeah it really did. i was a beta tester for it and I thought it had potential. I was wrong it is a useless service that was just made to get more money from the consumer.

  • Bill

    cod elite is bullshit. If I wanted to buy the game twice, I would have.

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