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Assassin’s Creed Movie’s First Trailer Is Set To Debut Tomorrow

by Dean James


The Assassin’s Creed game franchise may be taking a break in 2016, but instead we are getting a movie based on the franchise. The movie is finally set to release this coming December and it has been revealed that the movie’s first trailer will be debuting tomorrow.

Based on the casting and production, the Assassin’s Creed movies seems to be more than your usual gaming cash-in as we have the stellar Michael Fassbender involved in multiple ways.

It also helps that this movie is set completely separate from the series of games, with it said to actually still be in continuity in some way as we follow a different protagonist in both the present and past, rather than going with someone like Desmond and one of his ancestors such as Ezio.

Instead, Fassbender is playing Callum Lynch in the present, as well as his ancestor Aguilar, both of which we can see in new images that have been released for the movie ahead of the trailer’s debut. As seen above and below, these images shows Fassbender in both roles, as well showing off the female lead Marion Cotillard. These were released via the Los Angeles Times, which also confirmed that the trailer is arriving on Wednesday, May 11.

Make sure to stay tuned tomorrow for the first official Assassin’s Creed trailer and look for the movie to release in theaters this holiday season on December 21.


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