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Batman vs Superman Aquaman Not To Be Taken Lightly

by Damian Seeto


Jason Momoa talked more about Aquaman and how he is portrayed in Batman vs Superman. The character shouldn’t be taken as a joke.

Momoa attended the Fan Expo in Canada over the weekend answering some questions from the fans. ScreenRelish filmed his comments and they are very interesting.

Momoa says Aquaman will not be cracking any jokes in the new movie. This is understandable judging by the serious tone of the movie based on the trailers we’ve seen so far. He also didn’t want to say more on how the character is introduced in Batman vs Superman. We will have to find that out when it comes out.

Having said that, Momoa also joked that Aquaman will not be as ruthless as Khal Drogo who is the character he portrays in Game of Thrones. However, he alluded that the character is still a badass.

Momoa acknowledged Aquaman is not the most popular character out there and people love to make jokes about him. Momoa feels people should wait and see so then they have the freedom to make jokes or not.

Looking at the costume, Momoa is playing a more masculine Aquaman. He is not the blonde spandex wearing pretty boy that some people think Aquaman usually is. He will be much different in Batman vs Superman.

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