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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Map Has 500M Base Jump

| October 15, 2011
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Do This In Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

Talk about variety.  How does two spawns that have 500M of vertical distance between them sound?  DICE has always been one to give you unique perspectives in the Battlefield franchise, but the Damavand Peak Multiplayer Map in Battlefield 3 looks to be another one of those opportunities for the developer.

DICE told fans that the map is internally known as “base jump” because that’s the star of the show here.  Attack in Rush are said to start high over the battlefield with the only way down being off a cliff.

It could be a modern day “Battle of Normandy” where players need to avoid incoming fire on their decent, but once a man touches down, obviously the squad spawning can begin.  That’s just rumor at this point, but with such a unique feature in the map, it’s hard not to think of interesting ways that it can be used within the game.  In the series of trailers called “Fault Line”, the video depicts soldiers leaping off the edge with a helicopter just ahead, come to find out, that’s what you’ll be doing in multiplayer.  Epic.

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  • Paul Netzel

    5 years later… it was a cool idea at first, but people could drop in anywhere into the defenders’ base, and it broke any notion of defensible position. i remember there was a helicopter that had to make this big awkward drop 450 meters down before it could do anything and everybody saw it coming. it was definitely not the highlight of this game.

    • Doug Howser

      I disagree, I loved that section of Damavand Peak. To each their own.

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