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Battlefield 4 is Available for Free Again From Origin

by Kyle Hanson


EA continues to push out features and promotions that make their Origin service worth checking out. One of the biggest ones they use is the Game Time feature, which gives free access to specific games for a predetermined amount of time. Today EA has announced the return of Battlefield 4 to Origin Game Time, with players being given a full week of access to the first-person shooter title for free. All you have to do to gain access is click here and select “Get it Now” next to the Battlefield 4 listing.

If you missed Battlefield 4 on Origin Game Time the first time around, we’ve got some good news: The game is back, and now you can try it for free!

Battlefield 4 is no stranger to this service, having been offered on it a while back. Whether players who took advantage of the previous offer are able to do so again is not explicitly stated. In the announcement EA seems to indicate that they cannot by saying “If you’re new to Battlefield 4, starting today you can add Battlefield 4 to your library and play for 168 hours.”

Those 168 hours work differently in Origin Game Time than in normal demos. Once you have downloaded and started your first game of Battlefield 4 the timer starts. No matter what you are doing in-game or out of the game, the clock is ticking. So, essentially you will have exactly one week of free play in Battlefield 4 starting the moment you boot up the game.

And of course, if you enjoy your time in BF4 you can always purchase the game and your progress will carry right over. “If you decide to pick up Battlefield 4 on PC after your Game Time ends, your progress will carry right over. Just add the game to your Game Library.” Of course, since Game Time is exclusive to the Origin service that means this deal is only for PC.

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