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February is Battlefield 4 Fan Appreciation Month

by William Schwartz


As Battlefield 4 problems subside, DICE has made February a fan appreciation month for the shooter. The developers will host a month filled with community missions, giveaways, and other perks for playing the game.

Battlefield 4 Battlepacks – Every day that you play Battlefield 4 in February, you will earn a bronze or silver Battlepack. These packs include bonuses that can range from XP boosts to soldier camos. These packs are normally awarded to players as they make their way through the game’s progression system. Monday through Friday, players will earn Bronze Packs. On Saturday and Sunday, players will earn Silver Packs.

Shortcut Bundles – DICE will make available two different shortcut bundles for download. You can elect to download the shortcuts which unlock all grenades and handguns for the game. DICE says that this will “help you catch up with players who have been on the Battlefield since launch.”

Double XP – We’ve already seen a couple of double XP initiatives from DICE for Battlefield Premium members, but everyone will be able to participate in a global double XP event.

Community Missions – DICE will be hosting community missions, in which at their completion, will allow the Battlefield community to unlock Gold Battlepacks. Details about what these Community Missions will entail is forthcoming, says DICE.

Response to the Battlefield 4 Fan Appreciation Month has been mixed. Forums and social media that discuss Battlefield 4 topics still have their fair share of players who are experiencing problems on a daily basis. While many of the major problems have been remedied, there are some that believe Battlefield 4 is still far from the developer’s best efforts.

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