Best Buy Is Offering 30% Trade-In Bonuses This Week

by Dean James

Best Buy has for a good while now been one of the more fair retailers around when it comes to trading in video games, especially in comparison to GameStop’s low returns. Used to we would see plenty of 100% and 50% bonus sales, but those are few and far between now, with most weeks seeing none at all. However, this week they are bringing it back, though a little smaller than usual.

From now through next Saturday, April 11, you will get an extra 30% on all trade-ins through Best Buy in-store or online. The website will be your only option for today, as the stores are closed for Easter, but you can visit in-store anytime from Monday through Saturday and get the 30% bonus.

A few examples of the trade-in values with the bonus include $26 for the current-gen versions of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, $32.50 for all versions of Battlefield: Hardline, and even $39 for Bloodborne. Whether you are have beaten some games and don’t see yourself playing again or want to recoup some money on a game that you were disappointed in, this could be the trade-in sale for you.

If you are a Gamer’s Club Unlocked member, you will also get an additional 10% bonus to make it 40% overall. There really is no reason not to be a Gamer’s Club Unlocked member at this point anyways if you buy games. If you are buying three games within the next two years, you will save more than the cost of entry, with the 10% stackable trade-in bonus being just another perk.

If you have any games to trade in this week, try to do it as early in the week as you can, because the trade-in values tend to drop as the week goes on usually.