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Bloodborne Subreddit Created for Easier Co-op

by William Schwartz


Bloodborne is a brutally difficult game, as expected from a game falling in line with the Souls series. Thankfully, three-player cooperative play is an option for those who require aid in this punishing adventure. It isn’t the easiest thing to make happen in Bloodborne — this comes as little surprise given the co-op procedures for its predecessors — and now a group of players have taken it upon themselves to make the whole endeavor a little less unpredictable. A new subreddit, /r/huntersbell, has been created with the sole purpose of pairing up players with more consistent success to take on the nefarious and resilient bosses of Yharnam.

The Bloodborne matchmaking effort was initially split into two subreddits, with the now-dead /r/beckoningbell having been absorbed by the aforementioned /r/huntersbell. You can head there and find hunters of all levels searching for suitable partners to strike down the imposing adversary that they are struggling to surpass. Do not worry about having any story elements spoiled, as the subreddit rules strictly state that including full boss names (especially final bosses) will not be tolerated.

We hope this information helps smooth out your journey throughout Bloodborne in the future. If you haven’t picked up the game yet (and for some reason decided to read this article), check out our glowing review here to see why you need to check out this PS4 exclusive.

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