Attack of the Fanboy

Bungie Changing Forum Requirements Due to Destiny 2 Backlash

by William Schwartz


The parts of the internet where people discuss Destiny 2 and Bungie have become incredibly toxic.  Two of the places where players and fans congregate to discuss the game are Reddit and Bungie’s own forums that have been around since the Halo days.

In a recent announcement, Bungie is changing its forum posting requirements starting on February 7th.  In what seems like an attempt to curb negative comments from those who don’t actually play Destiny 2, a couple of different parts of the forums will be inaccessible for those that haven’t played a certain amount of the game or have a Destiny account.

Here is the breakdown:

To post on the Destiny 2, Feedback, Gaming, and Off Topic Forums, forum users must have at least reached the Farm in Destiny 2.

For Destiny Forums, Clans, Recruitment, and Community forum goers must have a Destiny account.

To post on the Help forums there are no game requirements.

Bungie says that they are “open to any and all feedback concerning Destiny and Destiny 2, but players who wish to contribute to the conversation will be required to have spent time in the game.” Bungie also notes that people who try to circumvent these rules by posting in different forums will be subject to moderation.

Needless to say, long time Bungie fans are not pleased and those that are already disappointed with Destiny 2 think this is Bungie’s way of dealing with criticism.

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