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Destiny Adds Voice Chat on 11/18 as Opt-in Beta

by Kyle Hanson


One of the biggest problems with Destiny at launch was that, despite the game being centered around the idea of a large community of players, no one could really talk to each other.Friends could, of course, and other players who joined into your party deliberately, but all of those random people that you stumbled across out in the world and in matchmaking had to resort to a weird form of sign language that involved a lot of dancing and pointing. While random people in the world still will be locked off from you, a big step will be taken on Tuesday, November 18th though as Bungie pushes the first form of voice chat to Destiny.

As Bungie has said since launch, they feel that game-wide voice chat would create an oppressive atmosphere that might turn away many players. This is why the new system will remain opt-in for the time being. Players will be able to switch between two different voice chat modes at will: Fireteam Chat and Team Chat. Bungie describes the different modes as:

Fireteam Chat
Since launch, you’ve been able to use Fireteam Chat to speak to the Guardians included in your pre-formed party. This includes players who join you in orbit before you begin an activity together. Fireteam Chat is signified by the speaker icon.

Team Chat
After the update, you’ll be able to join a new channel that will provide for Team Chat. This will include the players you meet via Matchmaking, as well as members of your Fireteam who make the same selection. This option will be available in any matchmade activity – including Strikes and in team-based Crucible matches. Team Chat is signified by the megaphone icon.

Whenever you enter a mode or area that offers Team Chat you will see a notification indicating this. Then, as each player switches into it, you will receive individual notification showing who has entered Team Chat. It is then up to you to decide whether you want to be able to communicate with those team members, or stick with the usual method. During a match you can enter Team Chat as well by pulling out your Ghost and selecting the option for Team or Fireteam Chat.

You will also be able to set different settings to make it easier to manage voice chat in the future. By default you will have to continue manually choosing for each match. However, you can set it to automatically opt-in whenever you are playing by yourself. This option requires you to have an empty Fireteam since you would then be separated if it opted you in without the other player doing so as well.

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