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Destiny is Down to Deal with Newt, Stork, and Weasel Errors

by Kyle Hanson


Bungie has just taken Destiny down to deal with some errors that players were encountering. These errors included the codes Newt, Stork, and Weasel, which would appear for those impacted whenever they tried to load into the game. The current estimated downtime is about an hour, so if all goes as planned, the game will be back up and running around 4pm Eastern Time.

Destiny goes down fairly regularly due to maintenance and other issues. However, these are almost always planned outages, or problems caused by other services, such as Xbox Live. This is one of the rare cases where Destiny has went down in an unscheduled timeframe, and to deal with an internal issue.

Destiny fans have a lot to be excited about though, with the recent reveal of Destiny: Rise of Iron, the latest expansion to the game. Traffic on the servers is likely high due to players jumping back on after a lull. With all the new stuff coming down for the game, players are probably jumping back on to get back to max level, or just figure out what all has changed while they were away.

Still, thousands of players log into Destiny on a daily basis, with it remaining a very popular game on both PS4 and Xbox One. Let’s hope this downtime is quick, and the errors fixed by the end.

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