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Go ahead, try to avoid Bungie’s Cooperative Vortex in Destiny

by William Schwartz


The multiplayer parts of Bungie’s Destiny are completely optional, according to the developers.  But players who choose to skip the online aspects of the game will be missing out, says Bungie.  In the latest edition of the Bungie Mailsack, Bungie addresses the multiplayer aspects of Destiny, revealing new details about the 2014 release.

Destiny includes modes for every mood, including solo

For those that are looking to tackle Destiny by themselves, it sounds like it’s definitely possible.

“If you never want to have a cooperative or competitive experience in Destiny, and if you want to experience every cinematic in private, you’ll have the option.  We believe you’ll be having way less fun, and we think you may find it really difficult to resist the pull of our cooperative vortex, but when we say we’re building activities for every mood, that includes players who don’t want to party up.”

We caught of these cooperative aspects at E3 2013.   Bungie showcased the first ever gameplay for Destiny, and it was heavily focused on these online aspects.  From more intimate cooperative dungeon crawling to bigger public events, their “Cooperative Vortex” seems likes it’s going to be hard to avoid indeed.

Destiny is slated 2014 on current and next-gen consoles.

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