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Details For The Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 Plot Summary

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 65 is on next week and the plot summary has been revealed. It looks like our heroes won’t be getting out of trouble anytime soon.

The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump has supplied small details of the plot of Dragon Ball Super. has translated the details for us and it sounds like things are getting dire for Future Trunks.

The title is called “The Last Judgment? The ultimate power of the Supreme God”. The plot summary says: “Goku Black and Zamasu merged with Potaras !! An immortal body combined with a high-powered combat capability make it a formidable enemy !! But above all, Merged Zamasu can issue a ‘Wall of Light’ which removes everything he touches.”

Towards the final battle against the two Zamasu!: “To protect the inhabitants of the West Capital Zamasu, Trunks is firmly determined to face Zamasu! Having received by 2 Senzu Beans from Mai, it sinks towards Zamasu”.

Before episode 65 is on, episode 64 will be airing later today. As always, we will be reviewing that episode for you. It sounds like Goku and Vegeta may have to find a way to try and defeat this merged Zamasu. They may have to do a technique that have not done in many years…

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