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DICE confirms Battlefield 4 Chinese Vehicle List

by William Schwartz


DICE has let loose new details about new vehicle details for Battlefield 4. In a new edition of Ask DICE, the Battlefield 4 developers discuss the Chinese Vehicles List, and some of the Amphibious vehicles which allow you to tackles objectives from a new perspective.

DICE started off with offering an incomplete list of the Chinese faction vechicles in BF4, but gave a taste of Tanks, Helicopters, and boats that would be found in the game.

  • Type 99 MBT
  • ZFB-05 Armored Car
  • Z-9 Haitun Transport Heli
  • Z-10W Attack Heli
  • DV15 Interceptor Attack Boat

And yes, Amphibious Assault will play a bigger role in Battlefield 4, according to DICE.   “We’ve added attack boats like the RCB-90 and jet skis.  Controlling the sea in addition to the land and air will play a crucial role in victory.”  We got a chance to see first hand how movement in the water has been changed with the new sprint swimming feature back at E3 2013, but DICE says that you’ll also be able to use one-handed weapons and gadgets while in the water – a first for the series.

Battlefield 4 launches this October for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.  A next-generation Battlefield 4 is likely due at launch for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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