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DICE discusses Battlefield 3 Texture Pack on Xbox 360

by William Schwartz


One big advancement for the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 will be the ability for gamers to install better looking textures for the first time on the console. While it might be a sign that the console is beginning to show it’s age, Patrick Bach claims that it’s “nothing magic”.

“There’s nothing magic about it,” Bach told Gamerzines. “It’s the same thing we do for PC and PS3, so there’s nothing extra… I think the controversy about this is that we actually let you do it on 360 for once. So what it does is it gives you the same abilities, kind of, as the PC and PS3. You can actually stream information from the hard drive.

“That’s new for Xbox 360, but it’s not a new idea for the gaming industry as a whole. No one has really tried to do it properly, so us doing it will create question marks. ”

If it wasn’t going to make the game look better on the console, I doubt DICE would have made the effort. Battlefield 3 releases next Tuesday on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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