The Division’s 1.2 Update Will Bring New 200+ Gear Score Bracket To Dark Zone

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by Dean James

The Division released back in early March and has received one big update so far with the 1.1 patch that added and changed a number of things. The next one to come out is the 1.2 patch update and while it has no release date set yet, it is coming in the near future, and it sounds like it’s making some major changes when it comes to loot drops and The Dark Zone.

One of the biggest additions that is coming in 1.2 is that of a third bracket level for the Dark Zone, which will be for players with even higher gear scores. Currently, the only two brackets are 1-159 and 160+, but this new bracket will be for 200+ only, making it for the best of the best out there.

This new bracket is not only going to have higher level players in it, but also going to provide you with better loot drops as well, which will include even better chances to get 204 and 240 level gear.

This 200 level bracket will also have level 32 to level 34 NPCs, so it’s definitely going to be quite a challenge to stay alive, which is why the rewards are going to be even better.

The 1.2 update for The Division is supposed to be in the testing phase, so stay tuned for details hopefully soon on when this next update will be going live.

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