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Dragon Ball Super: Black Goku Revealed In Future Trunks Saga

by Damian Seeto


The “Black Goku” that is the main villain in the upcoming Future Trunks saga in Dragon Ball Super has been revealed. Poor Trunks’ future is in danger again.


As posted by Gojiitaaf, the latest issue of Shonen Jump magazine revealed what this Black Goku looks like. He looks exactly like Goku, but he wears black clothing. Not to mention it looks like he’s wearing a potara earring.

It’s worth mentioning in this timeline, Trunks is with Mai. You can see the couple in the picture provided. Trunks and Mai had a bit of a thing going on during the Battle of Gods saga.

This might mean this Future Trunks is not the same one we met back in the Cell saga. This other “Future Trunks” must be one from the current timeline. Hopefully episode 47 explains this more to us, but this is what it looks like judging from this promo picture.

Another thing we can see is that Trunks has another time machine and it appears a city has been destroyed. It will be interesting to know who this evil Goku really is as the one we all know and love will never kill innocent people.

Update: The synopsis hints that it will be Future Trunks from the Cell saga after all. It starts several years after the Android’s domination and the world is in peace. They call the new villain “Black” and Super Saiyan Trunks is no match for him. Bulma makes a time machine but it only has juice for a one way trip. She feels Future Trunks should seek help from Goku and Vegeta in the past. As Trunks is about to go to the past, “Black” appears to confront Bulma and Trunks.

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